Law Enforcement Nets 130 Traffic Citations in Joint Operation

Photo by Pittsburg Police

A joint operation between law enforcement in East Contra Costa County on Wednesday resulted in drivers earning an approximate 130 traffic citations.

The operation was held in conjunction with the Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley and Pittsburg Police Departments.

The operation was aimed to combat against dangerous driving in East Contra Costa. The operation occurred in Antioch, Brentwood and Oakley. Most of the citations were for excessive speed on the roadways.



    • For reals! So many paper plates on old cars. Ive seen some of my neighbors remove their plates and install the paper ones.. Shady! Also been seeing a high number of TEXAS plates in Antioch. Texas plates don’t require a reg sticker so I’m thinking they are using those too.

  1. Thank you for helping us to stay safe in the road ways. I commute every week to Martinez and other drivers are so careless. Also there need a to be crackdown on the carpool lane, every week I see more and more single drivers which is frustrating for us carpoolers.

    • It is frustrating to see single drivers in the lame, there are times of the day when single drivers can be there, but that don’t seem to stop people from reading and following the signs.

  2. I had a driver the other day flashing his lights and flipping me off, he thought I was a solo driver in the carpool lane, but he then saw my daughter in her car seat in the back and heaved and drove off lol

  3. Running red lights is sure a thing on Lone Tree Way, too! I have seen as many as four cars run the red turning into Home Depot…

  4. There should be CHIP 24/7 from lonetree way in Brentwood to port chicago Hwy in concord, you see from ,speeding, texting, one driver on carpool lane, paper plates

    • Not sure how the “beats” for COCO CHP are divided up, but I would imagine there are 1, if not 2 officers and cars assigned this beat 24/7. It’s a lot of miles for one officer though, and a lot of stupid going on everywhere along the route you stated. It’s got to be a challenge to manage.

  5. The revenue they actually get for these tickets is very little but bless them they do it anyway.

  6. Thanks! We need this daily! So many changing lanes recklessly-and we need more law enforcement on Marsh Creek Rd; saw a deputy there last night but there are crazy people on that road.

  7. More than a dramatic sting operation on a single spring day in 2018, we need routine law enforcement to make our roads safe again. For this to happen California voters must push for increased funding for our CHP. CHP is working with the same flat funding from its early days as tens of millions of drivers, many now unprincipled drivers, were added to our roadways.

  8. Self Driving cars can’t come soon enough. Local governments will be bummed out though, with the loss of tax revenue through tickets. Cops, especially the highway patrol will be able to be cut down as well. Accidents will probably be cut to about 10 percent at least, so no need but for a few of them. They (CHP) would probably be cut 75 percent if everyone at a self driving car.

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