Updated: Large Brawl at Veterans Park in Brentwood Results in 4 Arrests


Brentwood police say a fight broke out around 8:00 pm Saturday at Veterans Park on Balfour Road in the City of Brentwood that left four people arrested.

According to Lieutenant Walter O’Grodnick, the fight broke out with more than 50-people fighting and when officers arrived on scene, several people were still engaged in a fight.

“One male was tased due to aggressive behavior,” said O’Grodnick. “A total of four adults were taken into custody as a result of the incident.”

The incident also required assistance from Antioch and Oakley Police, along with Contra Costa County Sheriffs Deputies.

O’Grodnick said the incident remained under investigation and that no officers or those involved in the fight were seriously injured.

Sidney Jones, 27 y/o male Oakland charged with fighting in public, resisting arrest and probation violation.

Jeanae Lomackpratt, 23 y/o female Brentwood, charged with fighting in public and resisting arrest.

Freedie Davis, 20 y/o Antioch charged with fighting in public and resisting arrest – this subject was the person tased.

Myesha Longabodike, 42 y/o Oakland charged with fighting in public, resisting arrest and assault/battery.

According to O’Grodnick, this fight started over one child injuring another while both children played in the park. Families confronted each other over the incident and at some point the conversation escalated to a heated argument and then physical altercation that quickly multiplied before officers arrived on scene.


  1. Take one guess at what kind of crowd this was, then they wonder why people judge them. They have already infiltrated Brentwood, more to come in the future too. This was a 5 year olds birthday party, no class fuking thugs. They are all tough in groups, but alone they are chicken shits!

  2. Who is “they”? I have seen people of every race act undignified. Infiltration are the Texas sized roaches or people.

  3. It’s videos out showing a gang of samoan thugs jumping 2 young black men in front of police… another video shows brentwood police choking a young handcuff black man for no reason.

  4. Wasn’t there, but Saint Myesha, who? Looking forward to leaving East County. So tired of the ghetto mentality. Stay safe BPD, OPD, CCSO, CHP. We’ve got your back.

  5. There is a video out showing police officers tasing and hitting a male while already arrested on the ground!!!!! Instagram bbqwhileblack this was racial profiling police officers did not arrest people FROM other party only Black people!!

    • Maybe they got arrested for starting shit and when cops came they kept running their mouths. Too bad they didnt knee him in the ribs a few times. Stay in Oakland, you can be as ghetto as you want there.

  6. These hood rats from Oakland, they like to ” keep it 100 “. Stay in your own shit town, youve already ruined that City, we dont need you ruining it over here now.

    • Y’all talking all this mess on the Internet I want y’all to talk that in person. Y’all don’t even know what y’all saying ya going off false information off the internet white trash ass ppl!!!!

    • Y’all talking all this mess on the Internet I want y’all to talk that in person. Y’all don’t even know what y’all saying ya going off false information off the internet white trash ass ppl!!!!

  7. 50 people fighting in a park. GROW UP people. Sounds like the 5 year old kids need to be taken away from their parents and placed in a safe home.

  8. What’s wrong with the parks in Antioch and Oakland? Sounds like those parks are already trashed so come to Brentwood and trash a new area. It was a sad day for baby daddies acting like babies.

  9. This is funny,sad,and infuriating. I just moved out here from oakland, and I’m a minority:BUT THATS WHERE THE SIMILARITIES STOP. I look at the majority of these comments…… AND AGREE!!!!

    You wanna mess up a city: STAY IN OAKLAND!!! Working people that want a better life- came out this way to escape all you ratchet people(and believe me- they come in all colors)

    My point is there’s a reason why people assume in here it’s a certain race doing stuff like this- whether it’s right or not: ITS TRUE! So if you’re a minority (like me ) Hold yourself to a higher damn level.

    • I agree. I was at the park when all of this happened hosting my daughter’s baby shower and the incident was horrible and could have been avoided. I have been out here over 15 years and have never seen anything like this. Kudos to the Brentwood Police department and all the officers that responded. From what I saw with my own eyes and not from what I heard, both sides were complete fools and animals and the cops could have shot first since the idiots kept fighting. I went to the park happy and left in tears. My pregnant 8th month daughter ran crying and we were stuck at the park for over 1 hour. I am grateful to God and to the Brentwood Police Department for getting this horrible situation under control. I am cool for all outdoor events..

  10. It takes two and two wrongs don’t make it right. Stop being slaves… you’all need Jesus.

  11. Fighting at the Veterans Park is a disgrace! The park together is a memorial….a place to remember the greatest military on earth! If you have a birthday to celebrate go to Chuck ‘N Cheese! I urge the city council to take some kind of action to prevent this from ever happening again.

  12. The people that were part of the fight are in the wrong just as much as these racist comments. I grew up in a neighborhood like Antioch and Pittsburg but moved because I didn’t want my kids to grow up seeing the shit I saw. These comments are ridiculous though. Yes, it’s annoying as fuck that there are people that do shit like this but degrading one another and calling each other names is not the way to fix it. May God Bless the kids growing up in this world.

  13. Wow Brentwood is going Getto faster than I thought! I am glad we left Brentwood and California when we did. Sad to see Brentwood turning into Oakland East!

  14. To all the idiots on heat making it a race issue, all the idiots saying Brentwood has turned into easy Oakland or the next Antioch, to all the other idiots saying ignoring things about a group of idiots fighting in the park let me sum it all up for you. The group of people who caused this ruckus are the ones to blame. This has nothing to do with all black people. I’ve seen all races of people that act like complete fools. I don’t care if they were black, white, Samoan, Asian or Hispanic. Acting this way at any event or public place is just wrong. People in Brentwood act like nothing ever happens here and when it does it’s like oh shit Brentwood is becoming Antioch, Brentwood is becoming Eask Oakland. I would like to invite the idiots who think this and make these statements to take a field trip with me to east Oakland or Sycamore street I’m Antioch. Then you’ll realize how ducking stupid you sound. And I gaurentee this, all you idiots taking stupid would not do this in person to anyone from those communities or neighborhoods. Why you might ask? Because you guys are fucken cowards that hide behind social media and posts like this. Get it together people the whole world needs help with this type of ignorance and hatred.

  15. Quality of life in East County! Depressing to read this. Nice example for the 5-year old. Poor kid. Selfish adults.

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