K2GC: Be Prepared to Protect Your Home During Winter Storm

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With a major storm set to hit the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend, there are steps you can take to limit damages from water to wind.

For starters, to save time in case of an emergency, plan ahead in terms of who you would call for that leaky roof, broken window or flooding. There is nothing worse than trying to find a phone number or company to respond when under the gun. Identify them ahead of time. Also make sure you have the 800 number to your Insurance Company readily available just in case.

Second, if you have not invested in a tarp or a few 5-gallon buckets, head down to your local store and make the purchase.  Rope and bungee cords are also items you should have ready to go.  Other items that should be on your checklist range from water, to flashlights and batteries.

Finally, if you are in an area that may flood or is prone to rain beating against your home, take the time and go fill some sandbags. Make the investment to fill sand bags and have them ready to go just in case. It could save you from a big headache later.

Ken Turnage II of K2GC provided a few tips you can do around your home the next two days before the weekend storm hits:

Clear all branches no less than 4’ from your rooftop:
This is important because with high winds during a storm, a tree could damage your roof and cause a leak. By keeping them trimmed back, it also prevents leaves from landing on your roof and clogging drains. This could put unnecessary weight or blockage on a roof or gutter and cause damage.


Clear all tree branches no less than 6’ from your windows
This is important because with high winds during a storm, it could cause the tree to bend and break your window.  Depending on the size of a tree, if it falls it could also damage your home or overhang in the backyard.


Clear all gutters and downspouts of debris
As already stated, by not cleaning out gutters and downspouts, it can cause water to build up and damage your roof


Clear all roof valleys of debris
You want to clean the roof valley (troughs constructed on junctures of two sloped sections of the roof) to prevent water damage and leaks. This is the area of the roof where all the water goes before heading to the drain.  If you have a tile roof, have a licensed roof clear the debris because it may require detaching and resetting of roof tiles.


Station 54 in Brentwood is prone to flooding during heavy rainfall.

Clean all ground drains and scuppers
You want water to flow away from the home to prevent damage to the foundation.


Make sure all dirt is sloped away from the footing /slab of the home
This trick will ensure water flows away from the home and into the yard or drainage system and into city storm drain system.


Check all weather stripping for signs of daylight
If you see light then water can get in. Consider getting it replaced as soon as possible.


Clear all window tracks of debris
By cleaning the tracks of windows and sliding doors, it will ensure water does not stand gather. It will also ensure water comes and goes as designed for the weep holes to work. If there is debris, standing water begins to build up and can cause damage.


There is no way to “Prevent Water” from getting into the home. But if you do these items you will minimize any chance of having to deal with water intrusion into your home. By chance you are unable to do these tasks and you need to hire someone there are companies that will come out and do these items.  Also local Boy Scouts do perform these tasks to earn badges for good deeds.


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