July 28-29: Hook, Line & Sinker Hosts Customer Appreciation Event

Photo by Hook, Line & Sinker

Hook, Line & Sinker will be hosting their fifth Annual Customer Appreciation event from July 28 to 29.

“We’re excited, this is the fifth year of the event. We’re geared up to hopefully have hundreds of people come through the store. The last couple of years have been excellent events and we’re hoping this one is going to be even bigger and better,” said Hook, Line & Sinker store manager Hugh Henderson.

The event is meant to show appreciation for the store’s regular customers and supporters through its sales and deals, this customer appreciation event is also important in bringing in new customers and young kids in the hopes introducing them to a lifetime of hobbies and outdoor activity.

“It really is an appreciation of our everyday supporters and a time for new people to discover the Hook and what it offers. We really try to get the kids involved in the trout pond to promote the new generation of fishing,” said Hook, Line & Sinker owner, John Continente III.

But the family and community engagement of the customer appreciation event are just one aspect of the weekend. Deals on guns, ammunition, safes, and other products bring in crowds that last all day.

“It’s usually wall to wall with people, and we have people waiting outside for us to open at six o’clock,” said Brian Rodgers, a Hook, Line & Sinker employee.

According to Henderson, there is an advantage to coming to the store during customer appreciation day, as pro staff and the representatives from different companies will be on sight willing to answer customer questions.

For more information about the customer appreciation event this weekend, visit their website, https://www.hookproshop.com or stop by the store, which is located at 3100 Main St. #260 in Oakley.

Alexandra Riva is an East Contra Costa County resident who is a senior at UC Berkley where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies with a minor in history. She is a graduate of Dozier-Libbey Medical High School in Antioch.