July 15: Antioch to Participate in Tackling the Taboo II

Press Release


In observance of Black Mental Health Awareness Month, we are continuing our series of
symposiums, “Tackling the Taboo.” In this series, we touch on issues that often go ignored
within the Black community

( Antioch, Ca) – Young Black men in America are the most despised, most stereotyped, most disregarded, most policed and most feared people in this country; more likely to be poor, more likely to be undereducated, more likely to be unemployed, more likely to be discriminated against, more likely to live without their fathers, more likely to suffer from mental health issues, more likely to be locked up in prisons, and more likely to be murdered than any others in America.

Usual and easy responses to the plight of Black males in America always include historic indignation, protest and demands that raise public awareness—the stuff “moments” and not “movements” are made of. However, what is lacking is a comprehensive, well-conceived, sustained response, which requires massive community building efforts, direct-actions with and on behalf of young Black men and boys, and redirecting dollars from incarcerating Black men to educating and developing Black youth. Together, these actions will develop and support Black men and boys to become strong, positive, powerful, contributing, compassionate and courageous citizens.

Finally, there is a proper response. G.R.I.O.T. (Greatness Rediscovered In Our Time) and
P.O.W.E.R. (Providing Optimal [W]holistic Educational Resources are the much-needed, missing and best response to the issues of Black men and boys in East Contra Costa County and America. On Saturday, July 15th, 2017 we will be discussing Black Mental Health issues facing our Black Male Community.

This Free event is being moderated by Dr. Richard Hanzy, who will be joined by several black male thought leaders such as Dr. Lamont Francies, former SF Police Captain Cornelius Johnson, and Author LeRon Barton.

Please register by click here or call Dr. Lawrence A. [email protected] 925 726-6162.

If you go:
Delta Bay Church of Christ
913 Sunset Drive
Antioch, CA 94509

The best way to improve the conditions of young Black men and boys in America is not simply to protest them, but to invest in them https://gofund.me/tacklingthetaboo .



  1. I hope every black man in Antioch attend event if for other reason then to transport encourage share and inspire aother youg black man

  2. Wrong! The best way to develop young black men is for black fathers to STOP having children that they have no intention of mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually nurturing. Black men need to be in their homes raising their children instead of leaving black women with ALL of the responsibility.

    Get off your butts black men and take responsibility for your kids!!!!!!

    • That’s a broad generalization Gary. What about the children raised by single fathers? Once again you sound like a pundit/puppet from fox news

      • Dimitri:

        When you become a black man, proudly and successfully raised two young black men to grow up, graduate from college, become strong men of faith, and who are now serving our Nation in military uniform then you can address me.

        I might also suggest that you take a “reading is fundamental class” since this story has nothing to do with Fox News which I do happen to enjoy watching ?

        • “Strong men of faith” isn’t impressive to follow outdated religion that is useless since everyone knows the truth of being good to one another. And serving our country shouldn’t be exclusive to military, we all serve our country one way or another. Your sons are serving corporate profit sharing, arms dealers, and special interest foreign policy how cute. But bravo for doing what’s expected of having a child.

          • Oh Dimitri, faith in Christ is always said to be outdated by people until you or a member of your family faces a severe medical crisis or lose their life under tragic circumstances. The grace of God is he loves us regardless of whether or not we believe in him and that’s why he gives us free will.

            It’s really, really sad when individuals like you have lost all hope. I sincerely feel sorry for you. We have the privilege of living in the greatest Nation on Earth and it’s unfortunate that you, Dimitri, despise everything that our country stands for. So sad.

            Dimitri, I hope you find relief from whatever caused you to become such an angry, bitter, and broken person. Good luck and may God heal your tortured soul!

        • Gary, you just gave the example of why people are delusional enough to believe in those fairy tales- only believing when things go bad? It shouldn’t be a safety net but a relationship with Jesus right? I know the Bible but I also work in the health field where death is around me every day and I don’t run to jesus, you grow up and see it’s a part of life. You either cope or you dont. You weren’t born with a religious preference so you believing makes you look weak and dependent. I do have hope Gary, and I don’t need to find it in a plagiarized book of hearsay, I find it in the goodness in people and the world every day. Judging by your comments, you’re the one who’s lost hope and think we’re in the “end times” right? You guys want the world to turn to crap so that jesus will come back LOL. Go tithe into your pastors pockets fool.

          • As I said Dimitri, it’s very sad that you are so broken inside and the anger has or will eventually devastate everything around you.

            Obviously, the pain in your past has terminately destroyed your outlook on life and by your comments it’s very easy to ascertain that the heartache you have experienced has left you mentally and emotionally damaged and that gives me empathy for you. Whether you agree with it or accept it or not, there is a God that LOVES YOU and nothing you can say or do will change that. Your anger isn’t with me Dimitri it’s with the things that have happened in your life that has complete power over you so I don’t take your comments personally.

            Good luck to you and I pray that one day the hope of Christ will bring you the peace and joy you need. Take care!

      • SJW’s love to point to edge cases which represent 0.1% of the problem space; since it makes them feel better about themselves. Virtue signaling. It’s apologetic to the point of being socially destructive at best; reverse racism at worst.

        • Yup I’m a conservative too and listen to Ben Shapiro to bed. I love shaming poor people and people in need since they can’t pull themselves up by the bootstraps. I love subscribing to the rat race, the status quo, and can’t see anything wrong with corporate interests that bought our justice system, destroy the earth for profit, and manipulate our morals in the name of capital. Oh well drink Coca Cola, drive Ford, eat Mcdonalds, consume consume consume.

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