Harris Statement on Passage of the Republican Tax Plan

Press Release


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, issued the following statement today on the passage of the Republican tax plan: 

“The tax plan approved tonight by my Republican colleagues is shameful. Tonight, corporations and the top 1% of Americans won at the expense of middle class families. This is wrong and does not reflect the best of who we are as a country.

“At a time when corporate profits are at an all-time high and pay for workers has stagnated, my Republican colleagues have given corporations and the top 1% of Americans a permanent tax cut. This plan does this by adding $1 trillion to the deficit and asking workers and middle class families to pay for it. We should not explode the deficit and pull the rug out from the middle class to give billions to those who already have so much.

“Under this bill, 572,000 tax payers making over $1 million a year will get $34 billion in tax cuts in a single year. If you’re a senior relying on Medicare, this tax plan puts you at risk by slashing Medicare by up to $410 billion over a decade, with more than $45 billion of those cuts hitting California. And because Senate Republicans couldn’t repeal the Affordable Care Act, they’re trying to take away the health care of millions of Americans and increase the premiums for millions of Californians, by repealing the individual mandate.

“Instead of playing politics with people’s lives, we should be delivering for the American people who have spoken loud and clear that this isn’t what they want. There is a better way to reform our tax code, one that is bipartisan, transparent, and fair for all Americans.”



  1. Hey Kamala, why didn’t you, Pelosi, Schumer et al, sit at the table and come up with a bipartisan plan. Your cronies in our State legislature just screwed all of us with the new gas tax, where were you when this was rammed down our throats. Drain the swamp in DC and Sacramento.

    • Since the whole Republican tax plan was done under the table there was no input allowed! Besides that, if you don’t mind this horrendous tax “reform”, you shouldn’t be worried about the gas tax either!

      • @CB,

        So you just dismiss the largest CA gas tax that was passed without a vote of the taxpayers? The same one that throws more money into an empty hole?

        You know the one. It was rammed through by Democrats and their senile team captain, Jerry Brown. Feinstein, Boxer, Harris, Becerra, Pelosi (and our local putz, Jim Frazier) are a monumental examples of California Dems that are out of touch with voters, reality and the rest of the entire planet.

        Real Californians are embarrassed, by California’s politicians.

        Now get off my lawn.

        • You don’t know how government works. We don’t need to vote on every tax, because we have a legislature and they did their job well. We can now repair the transportation infrastructure which has been neglected for too long.

          • Sean, Actually this latest gas tax is headed toward a referendum to put it to vote.

            It looks like the legislature (Jim Frazier) didn’t act in our best interest. Polls show a majority of Californians do not agree with the tax.

            Our reps Senator Glaser and Assembly member Catherine Baker voted against it. At least they were voting as representatives of their constituents.

    • would that be the same table Mitch kicked under when Obama asked republicans to come up with a bi partisanplan on just about anything; ACA, Stimulus package, a n y t h i ng. None of the republican wanted to hear any of it. so, dont come around with this BS about getting to the table. The GOP is the sick puppy in this room.

  2. Highwayman – The people you mentioined didn’t ‘come to the table’ for one simple fact. The Republicans did not hold metings, hearings or fact finding discusions and when they did it was not in public.

      • You have a very short memory, Harry Fujita. The Senate Finance Committee held 53 meetings about the ACA and an eight- day markup of the bill, which was the longest markup for the committee in over 20 years. The committee considered 130 amendments and held 79 roll-call votes. There were 44 hearings and public events about the plan i

      • Yea there was 32 million without health coverage, now it’s 15 million, what a jerk! Very much worse than tax cuts for the super rich right?

  3. Highwayman you aren’t real bright. Just attack attack attack. The gas tax costs the average california $7/month. Do the math. The Trump tax plan which the reps did not want or allow bipartisan meetings to come to an agreement, raises taxes by tens of thousands for some middle income taxpayers.
    Trump hasn’t done anything good yet and here’s another example of that nothingness.

    • @Jimmy,

      You might want to put batteries in your calculator and check the facts. The new Gas taxes will cost the average Californian Hundreds of dollars a year. Please, for God’s sake please stop trying to marginalize the impacts. The increase in VLF fees alone run the cost to most families into the hundreds. Are you so naive to think the increase in diesel fuel won’t be passed onto consumers?

      It’s a fact that CA has the highest fuel taxes and the worst roadways. It’s not rocket science to understand the problem. Hint: It’s not $7.

      Perhaps you just aren’t equipped to understand taxes.

      Get off my lawn.

  4. As a senior you are always changing the rules. How am to plan? Why is there not a middle view? It is always my way or the highway. We are becoming a fascist nation with all the hatered.

  5. Now, what are you going to do about it? Rebulican, democrat, independent, who cares. There all crooks, liars, and don’t give a crap about me and my family. Screw em!

  6. yes and Nancy Pelosi refused to take the meeting. so why exactly are you guys here? to tell us what happened or to do something about it.

  7. The Republicans screwed every blue collar working man in America. 70% of working people in the USA make under $75,000 per year and will see taxes increase under the Republican plan while the top 30% will save billions.

    • @Tom,

      The real and bigger issue is that 45 percent of Americans do NOT pay ANY federal Taxes. This tax package will fix that. I guess in your world it’s ok for almost 1/2 of our Nations population to get a free ride as long as we are punishing those that actually do the heavy lifting, and fund our nations enterprises and economy. The Republicans didn’t screw anybody. They helped everybody including every blue collar worker that holds stocks or interest in the companies they work for. It’s not rocket science.

      Get off my lawn.

      • Clint, dummy, just because someone doesn’t pay federal taxes doesn’t mean they don’t pay any. They pay sales tax anytime they go to the store, gas tax at the pump, toll tax at the bridge, etc. Keep acting like rich boy Trump cares about you and your family LOL

        • Dimitri, this subject is about FEDERAL taxes and the FEDERAL tax code. That is what the FEDERAL government is responsible for. It’s not rocket science for most people that pay attention.

          This issue has nothing to do with local sales tax, state gas tax or local bridge tolls. You should criticize if you are not knowledgeable enough to know your subject matter.

          You are the dummy, now get off my lawn.

  8. I’m tired of hearing excuses of why this tax cut is so bad for the middle class. If you had a better one why didn’t you propose it. Its better to work together than not work at all.

  9. How is that different from the actions of Obama’s and the passage of Obama’s care. Both parties are acting in their own interest and not the interest of the country or its people. Just look at the dems reaction to the Stienle verdict. No concern about the victim but very concerned for the illegal. The dems do not represent the people of this country.

  10. Please accept my idea for new tax law . it should not go into effect untill deficits iis paid off. Right night its timing is wrong.we need ways first to lower deficits then add bugrdons to all of us. I think time is now for leading the country without lobbist money. Untill we can learn to work together. Please help our fellow republicans to get lobbist money out of their pockets and lead with grace instead of hurt. We have had enough of that. Hurt. Big tobacco dont rule anymore big oil and guns dont need to rule either. The voters are discusted with this rantin and raving about guns and oil. Please put them .big oil and gunson back burner dems and republicans. Lets smile again. These are only suggestions thanks for listening. Thank you helen

  11. Hey Kamala! I am so glad that this tax plan passed! I’m jumping with joy! No one asked your opinions, so just butt out already!

  12. The top 1% earns a little less than 20% of the income but pays approximately 47% of the taxes. Why is it wrong to give them a break when about 47% of Americans pay no income tax? Harris and her ilk won’t be satisfied until the top 1% pays a 100% tax.

  13. Trump is taking on the whole left wing establishment and beating them. Watch the economy explode into massive job growth and higher wages. The most oppressed jobless class, young African Americans, will benefit the most.

    The Left will work on almost nothing jointly because of their pure hatred for the man. You see it everywhere. They are far worse than the Rights’ Obama haters and the whole establishment backs them up.

    The left not only wants to control your your money, they want your soul, the very essence of your life…

    • DLT you probably have no idea how wealthy these people really are. It’s sad that people still think the uber rich are all self-made entrepreneurs. They only pass bills that benefit them to keep their wealth because they have no limits, that’s truly soulless. But of course bring up the ACA, and disregard that it gave millions of more Americans health coverage. But nope, you’re probably cool with insurance companies running health care too.

  14. There are significant differences between the House & Senate versions. Whose Money is it anyway? High income taxpayer in California, there top combined marginal rate is not over 50% and will stay there. Both bills soak the rich, because that’s were the money is and Politics of greed and envy. Dems spent the last 8 years raising taxes and making health insurance unaffordable for all but those getting goverment subsidies. Don’t complain about the Republicans that want to allow people to keep their own income?

  15. Look at all the delusional people on ECT defending the age old wealthy elite who don’t care about them. Think of your best day this year, that’s trash compared to their lives. Private jets, thousand dollar meals and suits. While you’re budgeting, they’re spending like there’s no tomorrow. But they earned every penny right? What a joke. Our founding fathers would be ashamed of our current leaders and the pawns on ECT defending them.

  16. If you have a problem with wealthy people – become wealthy yourself. Some of the wealthiest men (billionaires) grew up dirt poor. From rags to riches. Envying others only makes you look like a fool. If you’re poor, that’s your problem. Quit being lazy and make more money. Quit whining.

    • Nick with the typical capitalist defense. The citizenry isn’t upset at the bourgeoise being above the law, evading tax and environmental laws, buying out politics into an oligarchy, contributing to unethical business practices and the widening wage gap…. we’re just jealous!

      • @ Dmitri,

        My founding fathers understood the wealthy. My founding fathers by historical standards mostly were considered wealthy.

        Your founding fathers, probably were from another country. Would I be wrong Dmitry? If so I apologize, but if not,

        Get off my lawn.

  17. Maybe if ALL these dems didnt cry and complain about EVERYTHING little thing trump or the right does more people might be open to listening to the real issues. But here we are a year later and its the same bs

  18. Well I know where Kamala’s aliegences lie, so if she hates this, then I am happy it passed as it is probably good for the majority of us regular hard working legal citizens.

  19. The only thing Kamala Harris brings is lip service and fake news. The the best the dems can do these days besides the 20 trillion debt they made.

    Stay off my lawn too.

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