Harris Statement on Failure of Affordable Care Act Repeal


WASHINGTON – On Thursday, U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris released the following statement on the failure of the Republican efforts to repeal the ACA and strip millions of their health care coverage:

“Tonight, the message sent by the American people was vindicated: Republicans must no longer play politics with people’s lives. Tonight, veterans and working families who rely on Medicaid are more secure. Seniors in nursing homes and children with complex medical conditions are more secure. And cancer patients and those with preexisting conditions are more secure. And it’s because of the tireless efforts of Americans all across the country who wrote letters, made phone calls, showed up at rallies and town halls, told their stories and made their voices heard. You did this.

“The fight for quality, affordable health was never simply a partisan squabble—this has been a battle over the values of our nation. And tonight demonstrates again that we should be a country where health care is a right for all, not a privilege for the few.

“The American people deserve a government that solves problems, regardless of party. I look forward to the opportunity to strengthen the Affordable Care Act and hope to work in an open and transparent process with colleagues in both parties to accomplish that goal. With this partisan process behind us, let’s embark on a new chapter of bipartisan health care reform focused on ensuring the best quality care for all Americans.”



  1. it’s still early. It will be repealed. Remember, it took Obama 1-1/2 years to put the plan together. We simply cannot afford this “affordable” health care!

  2. Camille Harris is a joke. She needs mental health care so maybe that is why she is so upset. Shame on you Ms. Harris.

    Face it Camille, Donald Trump is our President and the Republicans are going to (thankfully) repeal much of the BS the Obama admistration and you Dems saddled us with.

    God speed.

  3. I have no doubt ObamaCare will be repealed. President Trump is going to be there for a long time Harris. You and your Liberal Tree Hugging Tranny Democrat Snowflakes have done enough damage to our country. Obama will have no legacy other than be remembered for dividing our country. Once President Trump gets 2 more Supreme Court Justices in, it will be over for the Democrats for Decades! Harris, do everyone a favor and go away. You are a disgrace!

  4. I have pre-existing conditions and I do not feel secure. In fact my high premiums of $800 per month and deductibles makes this affordable garbage a bold face lie. While people rape the system gettimg their free methadone across the state while still using illicit drugs. Go figure.

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