Harris Statement in Response to State of the Union


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris released the following statement tonight in response to President Donald Trump’s remarks at the State of the Union:

“The American people are strong and resilient, but millions of them have deep concerns about the state of our union and the President’s speech did not reflect their reality.

“A year into this divisive presidency, special interests and the top 1% are being put at the front of the line while the vast majority of Americans are being left behind. Last year’s job creation was the lowest in 7 years. For the first time since the Affordable Care Act took effect, the rate of Americans without health insurance has gone up. The stock market may be doing well, but that’s good for Wall Street not millions of hardworking Americans whose paychecks haven’t grown.

“And while I am always willing to work with my colleagues across the aisle, the President’s call for bipartisanship and unity rings hollow. You cannot reject bipartisan plans to improve health care and protect Dreamers or sow hate and division—and then turn around the next day and say you want to work together.

“If the President wants to protect Dreamers, invest in infrastructure, and create good-paying jobs, we can and should do that immediately. But to make real progress on the challenges we face, we need more than a speech. We need this President to work in good faith on behalf of all Americans.”


  1. Actually, Ms. Harris, they are working for the hardworking legal taxpaying citizens. Maybe you all should start working with them and quit this partisan BS.

  2. Mr Harris, In my humble opinion you and your liberal friends are the root of the problems in this country. You cause racial divide with your rhetoric and lies. You don’t want was is best for the country you want was is best for you. It’s obvious you have been bought and paid for by cronies associated with George Soros. Do us all a favor and when I say all I mean the whole country. Pack your bags get the hell out of the United States. Give up you citizenship and live somewhere that you can’t possibly scree up. Like Russia, or the Congo or North Korea, or Afghanistan, or Iran. Anywhere but here.

  3. There she goes again! Those DREAMERS! Someone should point out to her that those “Dreamers” are here illegally! She’s another one who is crying over the fate of people who do not belong here instead of reaching out to those who are long standing citizens and legal residents of this country!

  4. Senator Harris was too kind to the electoral choice in the White House. The president is divisive and a proven racist. His fake state of the union address shows he is unqualified for office! He is only for the top 1% of Americans. The other 99% need to stand up and voice our outrage against his lack of concern for us (the 99%)!

    • I just love how individuals, like Reggie & Benny cry racism whenever you don’t get your way or you disagree with another point of view. Boo hoo hoo!

      Since you whining liberals believe illegal immigration is okay and anyone should be allowed to enter the US, I would love to see you invite these folks to move in with you.

      Come you bleeding heart progressives, take them home unvetted by Homeland Security and see what happens!

    • Hey Reggie! What are the qualifications for the Office of the President of the United States of America? Care to list them? Let’s see how you do!

    • Reggie! Just how is President Trump a “proven” racist? Care to elaborate on that? I’ll wait!

    • Neither Harry Truman, Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama have been from the 1%.

      • Burnett, Are you kidding? The Clinton’ alone are worth millions, so are the Obamas and the Carters. Nice try.

        • Girly, the Clintons came into the White House with nothing. They enriched themselves AFTER Bill left office. Remember, how Hillary said they had no household goods, including ashtrays? They remind me of former South American dictators who use public office for their own personal enrichment.

          Obamas came into the White House with very few things and a little money from his books. At the time Obama left office, he had a few mil to his name, but nothing spectacular until later.

          Jimmy Carter ran a few peanut warehouses. He was NOT a peanut farmer.

  5. Well better for the top 1%. Than only be for illegals like the DEMs hahha funny thing is they dont care about them they just want votes. ALL of them have been on the record saying the same things trump has said. Do YOUR RESEARCH and dont be a sheep


  6. Just another DEM who is unclear about the role of a State Senator. While there is no handbook, one would at least think a brush up on the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence would be in order.

    More important are the meanings behind the PLEDGE of ALLEGIANCE. Guess that is all been “left” out of Ms. Harris’ playbook.

  7. I didn’t care for Harris as our state AG nor in her role as a senator. She does not represent my views and neither does our congressman (McNerney). Who DOES represent them? Nobody!

  8. A quote from an AP article, East County Times, 2/2/2017: “Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has estimated that the new rules will mean more take-home pay for about 90 percent of American workers.” Gee, Senator, you’re only off by 89% on your statement about only the top 1% benefiting.

  9. Alex Trebek ! You seem to have trouble with reading comprehension. Those people you list did not come into office with wealth, aka 1%. They became wealthy as a result of their presidency. The Clintons themselves said they “didn’t have a pot to piss in” when Bill was elected and they moved to the White House. Same goes for Obama. Those millions came AFTER they left Office.

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