Governor Signs Bill to Bolster Brewing Education


SACRAMENTO, CA – Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) to support brewing programs on college campuses. The new law allows colleges to sell beer that is produced as part of an instructional brewing program, which can provide a revenue stream to support the programs.


“California is an internationally recognized leader in the production of wine and beer. Many of these products are made by students who learned their trade in our public colleges,” said Senator Dodd. “We need to ensure that we are able to meet the future workforce demands of the California and teach students practical skills.”


While winemaking programs at colleges have been allowed to sell their products to support their programs, students enrolled in brewing educational courses have been forced to discard their product. Dodd’s bill will similarly provide a more comprehensive educational experience and prevent unnecessary waste by allowing the beer produced by instructional college programs to be sold.


“Napa Valley College is grateful to Senator Dodd for helping our campus, and others, by authoring Senate Bill 228 which is a much-needed step toward elevating brewing science among college students who wish to develop careers in the growing California brewing industry,” said Dr. Ron Kraft, president of  Napa Valley College.


Schools that will benefit from this legislation include Napa Valley College and Santa Rosa Junior College, both of which are in the process of developing brewing programs intended to equip students for a career in this popular industry. College brewing programs would still need to comply with the requirements of their Alcoholic Beverage Control license.


The law goes into effect January 1, 2018.