Governor Brown Vetoes Frazier Bill Aimed at Placing New Restrictions on Young Drivers


On Saturday, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed Assemblyman Jim Frazier’s Assembly Bill 63 which would have extended driver’s license restrictions placed on minors and extended it to adults up to 21-year-old.

In his veto letter, Governor Brown stated:

“While I understand the authors intent of needing to address factors that contribute to the unnecessary collisions and deaths of young Californians on our highways, the provisions of this bill create a burden on a segment of adult Californians that are no longer seen as a minor in the eyes of the law. Eighteen year olds are eligible to enlist in the military, vote in national, state, and local elections, enter into contracts, and buy their own care. I believe adults should not be subject to the same driving restrictions presently applied to minors.”

AB 63 would have extends the provisional driver license program, which in 20 years of existence has proven to save the lives of drivers 18 and younger, to all drivers under the age of 21. The bill now goes to the governor for his signature.

Provisional licenses specify, with some exceptions, that for the first year after the license is issued the licensee cannot drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. and can’t transport passengers under the age 21, unless accompanied by a licensed driver or certified driving instructor, with some exceptions.

Frazier said in his September Press release the following:

  • “By extending the age group for participation in the program, older teen and young adult novice drivers will benefit from the gradual phase-in of full driving privileges over time and in lower risk settings,” Frazier said. “As teens and young adults mature and gain more driving experience under safer conditions, the danger level declines.”
  • “AB 63 will help protect the lives of our youngest, most vulnerable drivers and the lives of everyone else who travels our roads,” Frazier said. “The accident data is disturbing and can’t be ignored. We are putting young and inexperienced drivers on our roads who are not prepared and are endangering themselves and others. Extending the age for provisional driver licenses is a simple change that will save lives.”

AB 63 was co-sponsored by the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, the California Association for Children’s Safety and Health and Impact Teen Drivers. It is supported by the California State PTA, American Academy of Pediatrics, the Association of California Life and Health Insurance Companies, Peace Officers Research Association of California and a number of other health and highway safety organizations and individual insurance companies, including Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual Co. and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.



  1. I can only surmise that with so many Lobbyists/Political Action Committees/Donors in support of this measure, while looking out for their own bottom lines, that Jim Frazier wrote and sponsored this Legislation with them in mind, and not the best intentions of Californians in mind. 92% of Mr. Frazier’s campaign war chest comes from Lobbyists/PACS/and Corporate donors like the ones listed above. Its time to return the Legislature back to “the Peoples House” not the Legislature of special interest groups.

    I know if a Bill I wrote, had been vetoed by the Governor, I would be calling in my staff, Mr. Frazier was seen at a Concert in Napa, with his girlfriend. The man is entitled to a life outside the Legislature, but really, right after such a devastating veto…..I would’ve called my staff in, to prepare for a re-write–but that’s me! Careful Jim, I brought on a Hillary Clinton operative from back east to run my campaign in 2018, and she’s already paying off big dividends.

  2. Younger drivers may be inexperienced, but if they drive safely they can be very good drivers. They have the agility and the focus that older drivers don’t have. They have more energy by nature, don’t tire as easily, etc. They also have better eye site.

    I felt comfortable driving the first time I drove. I’m still a good driver, but I miss the youthful feeling behind the wheel.

    • It’s called alcohol Nick. Just knock down a few brews and you’ll be feeling alive behind the wheel! Good thing is too, if you crash, you don’t feel a thing. Only the unlucky sucker you kill on the other side will. Yeehaw!

  3. What is a real problem is habitual bill writing. We have enough laws as it is. I’m sure with every new law they can repeal two. Try that for awhile. Before you know it the public can be free of overlapping counterdicting laws that only cost taxpayers more money while bloating government. California is the entitlement state that knows what’s best for all your personal life decisions by law.

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