Garaventa Enterprises Announces New Name: Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery


Garaventa Family Collection & Disposal Companies Announce New Company Name Highlighting Reuse, Recycling & Resource Recovery

Concord – The Garaventa family collection and disposal companies have come a long way since they first began in the 1930’s as a one-truck garbage route in what was the country town of Concord. Now, the Garaventa business has developed into one of the few remaining local, family-owned recycling and resource recovery companies in Northern California.

“Everything our company does is designed to recover, recycle, reuse and reduce as much material as possible to respect the environment and keep renewable items out of the landfill,” said Joseph Garaventa, Chief Executive Officer of Garaventa Enterprises.

Beginning this month, all Garaventa Family collection and recycling companies will be named Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery to better reflect the company’s environmental goals. While the company will have a new name, it will continue to provide the same excellent service to benefit the communities it serves.

The company’s recycling center and transfer station facility at 1300 Loveridge Road in Pittsburg will now bear the name Mt. Diablo Resource Recovery Park. Its resource recovery facilities will continue to include:

RECYCLING CENTER where we use state-of-the-art equipment to process and recycle paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic and other materials

YARD WASTE RECYCLING where we process grass clippings, twigs, old plants we collect and process them into compost for reuse on yards and landscaping

CONSTRUCTION & DEMOLITION (C & D) WASTE RECYCLING FACILITY where we take recoverable concrete, asphalt, asphalt shingles, gypsum wallboard, wood and metal debris and recycle the materials for other renewable uses

TRANSFER STATION where residents and businesses drop off unwanted materials and the recyclables are recovered to keep renewable items out of the garbage waste stream

POTENTIAL FUTURE SITE OF WASTE-TO-ENERGY FACILITY where we hope to turn food waste and other waste materials into energy to power buildings in our community

“We are proud of how much material we are diverting from the landfill in the communities we serve and turning it into renewable and reusable items,” Garaventa said.


  1. “Charity- bah humbug! They should be pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and living comfortably with all the money they earn! I’m gonna act like this effects my taxes even though it’s just basic human philanthropy”
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