Frazier Statement on Alleged Illegal Communications Between DWR & SWRCB

Press Release


SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Jim Frazier, D-Discovery Bay, issued the following statement Thursday in response to alleged unlawful ex parte communications between the State Water Resources Control Board and the Department of Water Resources regarding the proposed Delta tunnels outlined in complaints filed by Delta region local governments, public agencies and advocacy organizations.

“If these allegations are true, it attests that DWR has been illegally manipulating the process in favor of the disastrous tunnels project and doing it behind closed doors. I’m appalled that the State Water Board would show such bias and not represent the whole state but only a portion of the state.

These allegations are more of the same unethical, unprofessional and illegal behavior by DWR that we have seen in the past, exposed by a recent State Auditor’s report.

The public, especially residents of the Delta, deserve to have confidence that the process is fair, transparent and focused on what is best for all Californians, not just the interests of a few.

I am grateful to the local governments and advocacy organizations in the Delta for bringing these apparent violations – discovered through a Public Records Act request – to light. I join them in calling for a full investigation into the prohibited communications alleged in the complaints.”


Assemblymember Frazier represents the 11th Assembly District, which includes the communities of Antioch, Bethel Island, Birds Landing, Brentwood, Byron, Collinsville, Discovery Bay, Fairfield, Isleton, Knightsen, Locke, Oakley, Pittsburg (partial), Rio Vista, Suisun City, Travis AFB, Vacaville and Walnut Grove.


  1. But doing things underground and behind closed doors is how California has been doing business Sir for about 8 years! How else would we have had this disaster train to nowhere which is doing nothing more than draining money and is never going to get finished. Good Old Moonbeam and his shoving his agenda down our throats. Nothing to see here.

    • D, unfortunately the train to no where was approved by the uneducated voters. Now the idiots in the legislature don’t have the balls to stop it.

  2. The FACT that JIM FRAZIER was unaware of the ongoing relationship between these bodies should be a wake up call to voters. FRAZIER is clueless. Everyone else seems to know what is going on. Ask yourself, why is Jim Frazier being left out of the loop? Not only do his constituents not trust him, but more importantly people in Sacramento don’t either. It’s pretty common knowledge. Jim Frazier needs to go!

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