FPPC Recommends $1,980 Penalty for Brentwood City Councilman


The California Fair Political Practices Commission is recommending a $1,980 penalty for Brentwood City Councilman Steve Barr for an error in failing to report campaign reports during his bid for County Board of Supervisor.

Within the FPPC decision, they said they found no evidence of intent to conceal the donations and that all required statements have been filed.

The complaint, filed by Diane Burgis, who won the Supervisor seat, asked the FPPC to inquire into whether Barr failed to publicly disclose $19,457 in large donor contributions as required by law.

Barr said in a statement in October that he accepted full responsibility for the error calling it a mistake.

“I received a copy of the complaint from the FPPC today, and it appears that I made a mistake on the 24-hr reporting rule and I will be working with the FPPC to make any needed amendments and accepting remedies as they see fit,” said Barr.  “I accept full responsibility for this mistake in reporting deadlines.”

California elections code states that all candidates must report monetary contributions of $1,000 or more within 24 hours of receipt, or within 48 hours for non-monetary, in-kind contributions.

The FPPC had the ability to fine Barr in penalties that could equal $10 per day plus up to $5,000 per violation. Barr had the potential penalty of up to $51,730, more than the value of all contributions combined.

According to the Agenda at the March 16, 2017 meeting:

7. In the Matter of Steve Barr, Steve Barr for County Supervisor 2016, and Kathy Barr, Treasurer; FPPC No. 16/19791. Staff: Chief of Enforcement Galena West and Political Reform Consultant Teri Rindahl. Steve Barr was an unsuccessful candidate for Contra Costa County 3rd District Supervisor in the November 8, 2016 General Election. Steve Barr for County Supervisor 2016 is his candidate-controlled committee. Kathy Barr was the Committee’s treasurer. The Committee, Barr and Barr received nine contributions totaling $18,825 during the 90 days before the election and failed to file nine 24-Hour reports, in violation of Government Code Section 84203 (9 counts). Total Proposed Penalty: $1,980.

If you go:
California Fair Political Practices Commission
428 J Street, Suite 800 Sacramento, CA 95814
Thursday, March 16, 2017
1:00 P.M.
Agenda – click here.



  1. Now that this issue is a non issue and is being settled with the CFPPC what else has Diane Burgis done for our District. I am waiting to see.

  2. Barr might be an ok person but he isn’t a leader and now can add this to his list of blunders and defeats.

    Let’s see if he can process this and have enough self awareness to recognize he is not cut out for a leadership role. He was crushed, yes crushed for the Mayor’s seat and then beat badly for the Supervisor’s seat. He has been an embarrassment on the council and fire board. The guy has done nothing but fill a seat.

    Ever met him? Awkward comes to mind.

    He got what he deserved.

    Please Steve do yourself and the City of Brentwood a huge favor, retire before we do it for you …..at the next opportunity.

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