Firefighters Union Explains Why They Are “Not” Supporting Supervisor Federal Glover for Re-Election


Dear Editor:

A lot of lies and misinformation have been spread in this year’s race for the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 5 seat.

For Contra Costa County Firefighters, the choice is incredibly clear. Hands down, we are supporting Vice Mayor of Martinez, AnaMarie Avila Farias over 16-year incumbent Federal Glover

Firefighters Local 1230 represents multiple jurisdictions within Contra Costa County that include over 420 firefighters, dispatchers, inspectors, and fire investigators. We watch what happens on the Board of Supervisors very closely.

We’re tired of Supervisor Federal Glover’s lack of leadership and inability to assure adequate public safety. He is a follower, not a leader. He never rolls up his sleeves up to find solutions except when it comes to taking care of his political friends who fund his campaigns.

Supervisor Glover has been on the Board of Supervisors since 2000. He spent the first twelve years of his time on the board as the supervisor responsible for the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District before they restructured the District. He had 12 years to work on the District’s staffing and funding shortages. Instead, he has left that District with 3 fire stations from the 8 stations it used to have, inadequately protecting 110,000 people, billions of dollars in property, and covering over 249 square miles. Yet, in every campaign, he has claimed that public safety is his number one priority.

During the economic downturn of 2007 and 2008, when the housing market crashed, the decline in property tax revenue took a toll on all fire districts and county services. During this period, I became president of Local 1230. The county’s labor unions were being attacked and asked to make concessions.

Between the years of 2010 and 2012, we worked with the Board of Supervisors to minimize station closures. My members gave up our contractual raises and took a cut in pay. In all, 7 engine companies were eliminated bringing the district total down from 30 to 23 stations.

As the Great Recession faded, and before restoring our engine companies or my members’ pay, the Board of Supervisors voted to give themselves a 33% pay raise. Federal Glover voted for that pay raise, which came on top of a prior pay raise of 60% they had voted for themselves in 2007. For the Supervisors to put themselves ahead of the hard working firefighters of Contra Costa County is unconscionable.

It is time for a change. We need someone who is willing to make fire and emergency medical response a priority. Someone who is willing to roll up her sleeves and go to work, and not just go along with the status quo.

The entrenched political machine in this county is fighting back hard. Through lies and deception, they are desperately trying to cling to power through Federal Glover. Enough is enough.

AnaMarie Avila Farias has already proven throughout this campaign that she is not afraid to stand up to the political machine of this county and take on special interests. She has the tenacity to learn the issues and roll up her sleeves to get things done. This is much needed in Contra Costa County.

Please join Contra Costa Firefighters in supporting AnaMarie Avila Farias for the Board of Supervisors.

Vince Wells
President of the United Professional Firefighters of Contra Costa County Local 1230



  1. Put the blame where it goes for ECCFPD failure. Mary Piepho is over 50% responsible. Lets call a corrupt politician a corrupt politician. If Burgis gets in there it will be pay to play as always and forget the taxpayers of CoCo County. However, an “at a boy” for Mankin finding that wrongful tax incorrectly applied.

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