Firefighters Uncover Marijuana Grow House in Antioch


At 5:10 pm Tuesday, Contra Costa County Fire received reports of smoke and flames coming from a home in the 3500 block of Clayburn Road in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed smoke coming out of both sides of the home before flames shot through the roof and extended into the second story of the home.

Firefighters made entry and located a marijuana grow in both the garage and at least one bedroom of the home. They also discovered bypassed PG&E metes and requested PG&E to the scene for gas and electric.

Battling heat from nearly 100-degree weather, firefighters began fire attack and knocked down the fire limiting damage to the second story.  A board up company was called with a request of 13-sheets of plywood.

No injuries were reported.

On June 9, 2017, the same house caught fire after a car caught fire in the side yard.

Antioch Police are investigating the incident.


  1. I watched this house burn and saw how the fire fighters risked their own lives in 100 degree heat of the day just to find out that they put their lives on the line for a grow house! Really people??? More than fifteen plants came out of that house! Those men and women from the fire department did an awesome job putting the fire out before it could spread, now I hope the police department puts the homeowner in jail. How dare they put the firefighters and the rest of my neighborhood in jeopardy. Thank you AFD!! .

  2. Lets not be dramatic, the firefighters didnt “risk their lives ” they fought this from the outside , until it was save to enter the garage. Thats how they fight most of the fires, its more to keep other structures from catching fire. Im not anti firefighters at all, but most arent brave like the heros you saw in 9-11 in NYC. And 15 plants is nothing really, its not like some kingpin is off our streets now.

  3. With the new laws, 6 plants a piece per legal adult.
    That was just two peoples garden.

    the big fine will be bypassing the power meter..

  4. Hey @Joanna…. you don’t have a clue. Comparing 911 to yesterday’s fire is ridiculous. Driving to the scene puts their lives at risk just based upon the idiots that drive the streets in Antioch. Making the hydrant, pulling hose, advancing it to the fire, following instructions on where to begin suppression while wearing all the equipment in above average temperatures while traversing the yard, fences and other obstacles is also part of the risk. They fought this mostly from the outside because of the grow issue but also because of the bypassed electrical circuitry the “*ssh*le” criminals set up not allowing firefighters to turn off to minimize injuries/shock during firefighting efforts. They are also required to still check for possible victims inside which they did. I hope the responsibles are identified and prosecuted. Funny, if marijuana is legal now, why would people still do this? Huh.. probably because criminals will still be criminals regardless of the laws. Lastly, if you grow more than the legal amount, you are operating a “DRUG LAB”… it is a big deal and still a felony, not to mention stealing power.

    • Im well aware of what I wrote and the comparison to 9-11 was to show what real firefighting is. I have fireman friends, so I have some knowledge. Notice how i said fireman, not firefighters. Besides these guys are trained to deal with electrical situations, its all done from a safe distance. Now Calfire, those guys are firefighters.

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