Fire Severely Damages Vacant Antioch Home on William Reed Ave


Around 12:12 pm, Contra Costa County Fire Crews responded to a residential fire on at a vacant home on William Reed Ave in Antioch which. Crews were on scene for just over two.

Engines 85, 87, 88 were all on scene along with Q84, Q83, BC5, BC2 to go along with Antioch Police Department and PG&E.

By strictly observing the scene, major damage occurred in the chimney area and got into the attic where crews had to cut the roof to allow for air circulation of the one-story home.  The damage to the rest of the home is unknown at this time as access was not provided.

This cannot be verified, but this may be a case of squatters or someone fooling around in the empty home.

Check back for more details as there has not been an official release of information at this time.



  1. Thank you for the information, I was wondering why so many engines and police cars were hauling down the street. Now I now idiot squatters decided to screw around inside a home. That house has been vacant for some time.

  2. Council should adopt a policy that states if the house is vacant, let it burn. Save resources and creates one less problem

    • Let burn? What if you live down wind? Absentee land lords need to be held accountable. The city is moving forward with code enforcement, but I fear it will take a wile to deal wit all these abandoned homes. For now neighbors must step in to inform police of squatters. Thjs community is our home people we all need to pitch

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