Feinstein: Republican Medicaid Changes Would Devastate California

Press Release


GOP Senate bill would slash Medi-Cal by $30 billion by 2027, more than House’s $24 billion cut

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Wednesday released the following statement in reaction to California’s estimate of the effect of the Senate Republican health care plan’s changes to Medicaid, which end the longstanding federal-state partnership in paying for the program:

“An analysis issued today by California’s Health and Human Services Agency indicates how dire the Senate Republican health care bill would be for California. It’s a backbreaker that would jeopardize care for our most vulnerable citizens and our state’s financial future.

“The Senate bill would require the state to pay $30 billion more per year to Medi-Cal by 2027. That’s $6 billion more than the House bill, and that $30 billion in additional money would grow even larger further down the road.

“The reality is that the state couldn’t cover a $30 billion shortfall. If this bill passes, California will be faced with impossible choices. Do we kick millions off of Medi-Cal? Do we reduce services? Do we divert money from other priorities like education? The bottom line is that coverage or access to care for one in three Californians—14 million people—would be threatened.”



  1. Senator Feinstein lived for this day to come. She knew 6 years ago millions of Californians would be affected by changes made to government controlled healthcare. How? When not a single Republican voted for the Obama Democrat Healthcare Plan. How could no one not realize when the Republicans took control of the government, they would make changes or possible “repeal” of the Plan? NO, they all knew. They played politics with lives at stake. The sooner Democrats admit to this mistake, the sooner we can achieve a partisan result.

    • Yes, and it set the country in debt 10 Trillion Dollars. It was the politicians like Feinstein to create the terrible debt by throwing money at every wasteful thing and getting the same failed result. Entitlements will sink California into the ocean.Now to blame others for her parties mistake shows the idiocy of her antics.

  2. Much the way Republicans don’t know how to govern here in California, it is much worse in Washington. They have been trying to repeal the ACA for 7 years, and now with control of congress and the presidency, all they can do is rattle their cage, make empty threats, and delay, delay, delay.

    They are the classic gang that can’t shoot straight. Even if their life depended on it. This is largely true because their lives don’t depend on the health of the nation. They will continue to cater to the Koch and other mega donors while the rest of us face uncertainty.

    • Republicans control politics in agriculture. The rest of the state is controlled by Democrats. I can only imagine the disaster to agriculture if the Democrats attempt to take control of it. Democrats have been the dominate legislators in California for over 30 years. Arnold was governor of a Democrat dominated Senate and House. I do disapprove of the Kern County Water Bank contracts. Those contracts are a crime and Republicans should be ashamed of this scam and sham.

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