Fairfield: 4 Struck in Shootout During Rap Video Filming, 2 from Antioch

Press Release


On Saturday January 5, 2019 at 8:48 PM Fairfield Police Dispatch received several calls of a possible shooting that had just occurred at a business in the 1700 block of North Texas Street.

Officers immediately responded to the location and quickly confirmed a shooting had occurred with multiple injuries. The scene was secured, and medical attention was provided to the injured parties. Some of the injured parties had left the scene and were taken to a local hospital by private parties for treatment of their injuries.

The Investigations Bureau was called to the scene to conduct the investigation.

According to Police, after multiple interviews and a review of the crime scene it appears a local business allowed a private party to film a “rap video” in their establishment. During filming an individual approached the closed business on foot dressed in a dark hoody with the hood pulled up and a mask covering their face. This individual opened the front door of the closed business and opened fire with a handgun. The shooter immediately began to flee on foot while still shooting at the business.

There is evidence to show that multiple subjects inside the closed business began to fire back at the shooting suspect. There is no indication the shooter was struck by returning gunfire, however two shooting victims were struck in the back of the head and two additional shooting victims received gunshot wounds to their backs. Five firearms were recovered at the location of the shooting and one additional firearm was recovered from the possession of a shooting victim. One arrest was made for illegal possession of a firearm. The suspect that approached the business has not yet been identified.

Injured in the shooting were: a 25 year old Antioch resident, a 29 year old Oakland resident, a 29 year old Antioch resident and a 23 year old Fairfield resident. Two additional injuries occurred as a result of fleeing in the dark, one broken leg and one ankle injury.

Detectives continue to investigate this shooting. Anyone with information regarding the shooting is asked to call the Fairfield Police Department at (707)428-7344.


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