ECTNow APP Has Been Upgraded, Not Cancelled

Alerts Directly to your phone

EastCountyToday is pleased to announce that in April we have launched the latest version of our app which brings alerts directly to your phone. This is now available on APPLE and Android.

Unfortunately, the transition of getting all of our end users over to the new version has not been smooth and quite frankly, I could have done a better job in communicating the changes and process. That said, I encourage our premium users to upgrade immediately–this is at no additional cost, simply an upgrade.

For potential new users, the cost is still $19.99 a year which helps support ECT and keeps us from relying less on advertising and outside money, including implementing a paywall which we refuse to do like other publications have done recently.

The great thing about this new app platform is upon opening up an alert, it now lets us produce notes throughout an incident to provide you with even more information (see image to the right).

With Facebook continuing to change its algorithm, moving into the APP has become a necessary business decision so we can continue to get our users the information they need to be aware of when something happens–not everyone sees postings in Facebook feeds and not everyone has time or the ability to search online for the information when they need it, this pops right up into your phone.

The best feeling is getting messages saying the APP has saved them from sitting in traffic or avoiding police or fire activity.

For those wondering why the change. The change came as our previous developer could not keep up with APPLE and Android changes that were due April 1 by APPLE and Andoid. This caused our alerts to no longer work and other functions to become useless. In working around the clock, the APP was launched and all the functions were fixed and on an upgraded platform–our new developer rocks!

I hope you like it upon downloading and giving it a try.

Here are some cleanup items:

The Old APP No Longer is Active

If you see this image on the right upon opening up our APP, it means you are still on the old APP and will need to upgrade. This is why you are not receiving alerts or any other information. That version of our app is now disabled and might as well be deleted off your phone.

How to Upgrade

  • Download the new APP
    APPLE users – Search “East County Now”
    Android Users – Search “ECT Now”

Premium Users
For those that have already paid for the service, you do not need to pay again as the system is on auto-pay through PayPal, simply email [email protected] and we will provide you with an updated username & password–you have any other questions, feel free to also email us.

As a premium user, you help support ECT and keep us less reliant on advertisements and advertorial content–the least we can do is provide you with information as it happens as we make the move to rely less and less on Facebook and within our own networks.

Basic Accounts:
While this app will let basic accounts sign up, please note that we will be shifting away from alerts going to basic users this May 26th.

For any questions or concerns, please email all questions to [email protected]

Thanks again for all the support,

Mike Burkholder
[email protected]