ECCFPD “Measure A” has 90% Voter Support in Early Returns


At 8:00 pm, polls closed for East Contra Costa Fire Protection District’s “Measure A” ballot initiative that aimed to shrink the size of the fire board.

At the first release of results at 8:04 pm, Measure A had 9,402 votes in favor (90.65%) with 970 against (9.35%) support (9,402  with 10,372 votes counted.

There will be several more releases of votes being counted before the final tally next week.

If approved by a simple majority of the voters in the special all-mail ballot election, the fire districts board would shrink from 9-memebers down to 5-members.

The District is currently made up of:

  • Four members appointed by the Brentwood City Council
  • Three members appointed by the Oakley City Council
  • Two members appointed by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors

In November, fire board will move from an appointed board to an elected board.


  1. Can’t wait for elected responsible Directors.
    Not sure why District is creating another Chiefs position and A Buisness Managers position at 120,000 before Election. Interesting to create more administration when Fire fighters are needed. I assume easier to do now before RESPONIBLE leadership arrives.

  2. Not really anything to celebrate. This should have been done a decade ago at NO cost to the district and voters. Too bad it took a LAFCo and Board of Supervisors mandate. Finally the voters did what the board could not. Just another failure an out of touch fire board. The public wants you all gone! None of the current members deserves to be elected and the history of the board proves it.
    The harsh reality is that this changes nothing because it doesn’t bring a dime into the district and the public lost confidence and momentum over ten years ago. Let’s get this over and dissolve the district as others have suggested.

    Drain the swamp!

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