East Contra Costa Fire Response Times at 8:40 Minutes in July


The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District reported that in the month of July they had 635 service calls with an average response time of 8:40 minutes.

In the month of June, the District ran 629 calls with a response time of 8:38 minutes. In calendar year 2017, the District has an average response time of 8:02 minutes and in 2016 had a time of 8:03 minutes.

During the month of July, the District responded to 7 residential structure fires, 1 commercial structure fire, 3 vehicle fires, 0 large vehicle fires, and 26 vegetation fires and 20 exterior fires. The District also responded to 29 vehicle crashes with an additional 8 requiring rescue. They also had 3 vehicle vs. pedestrian calls, 6 motorcycle crashes, and 2 bicycle accident.

They also highlighted the Marsh Incident which they called the major incident in July where it burned 247-acres which destroyed one home and three outbuilding spanning 3-days with two district engines committed per day.

Due to call volume, the District had zero engines available 41-times which totaled 9:47 hours. During that time, 3 incidents were handled by CONFIRE and AMR.

According to the District, here is a breakdown of the Calls For Service by Station in the month of December:

  • Engine 52 (Brentwood) ran 38% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 303 times
  • Engine 53 (Oakley) ran 36% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 292 times..
  • Engine 59 (Discovery Bay) ran 16% of the calls for service rolling out of the station 129 times.
  • CALFIRE assisted in 3% of the calls for 22 rollouts.
  • Auto Aid assisted in 7% of the calls for 53 rollouts.
  • Mutual Aid received assisted in .001% of the calls for 2 rollouts.

Average Response Time by Service Area:

  • Bethel Island – 14:31 Minutes (14 calls)
  • Discovery Bay/Byron – 11:49 Minutes (92 calls)
  • Marsh Creek – 9:25 Minutes (24 calls)
  • Knightsen – 11:01 Minutes (31 calls)
  • Brentwood – 7:47 minutes (299 calls)
  • Oakley – 7:07 Minutes (160 calls)

In the month of July the District received auto aid from Contra Costa Fire 53-times with them sending a total of 118 engines. Meanwhile the District sent CONFIRE auto aid 52-times for 63 engines


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