Discovery Bay: Firefighters Uncover Grow House


On September 21 at 7:23 am, East Contra Costa firefighters responded to a report of smoke coming from a home in the 2400 block of Aberdeen Lane in the Town of Discovery Bay.

Firefighters from Station 59 arrived to observe smoke and flames coming from a second story window on a three story structure. Firefighters quickly moved to secure utilities and begin an interior fire attack.

The home was determined to be the location for a marijuana grow house with numerous electrical hazards located throughout the home and firefighters were forced to go into defense fire operations until the arrival of PG&E who were 30-minutes out.

The fire provided heavy damage to the upstairs bedroom and smoke damage throughout the home. There were no injuries reported.

The probable cause was listed as electrical wiring hazard associated with the grow operations.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident, firefighters estimated more than 100 marijuana plants were in the home, but did not give a further description.



    • There are safer and more efficient ways to grow these plants indoors. Electrical hazards are easily avoided by the more skillful grower.

  1. Another example of the drug culture creating havoc in society. A smarter person would have grown their career and marketability instead of resorting to this shortcut. Good job idiots!!

      • Ha ha! I know you hate it when somebody talks bad about your favorite drug of choice. Or is it medicine? So confusing…

        At any rate, please go on with your defense of these F-tards. But leave out the usual religious element and human brain anatomy dissertation if you would. It’s stale, I need something fresh.

          • Let’s try to keep it clean here. I guess I’ll take the high road in regard to your attack on the Skunt family name

          • Lou, about keeping it clean, I’m not the one who used a screen name straight from the Howard Stern show.

            The “Too” Clan

  2. Charge the grower house for the cost of the fire. No pay lien the property. Our fire dept does not have time for drug houses

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