Discovery Bay: Code Enforcement Targeting Boat, Trailer, RV Parking, Storage Violations

Press Release


The Discovery Bay Community Services District has been advised that Contra Costa County Code Enforcement is actively pursuing boat/trailer/RV parking and storage violations. You will be subject to a ticket or face other fines and penalties if you do not properly store your vessel, trailer or RV.

In 2002, Contra Costa County updated the Boat and Trailer Ordinance to specifically prohibit vessels, trailers and RVs that are not screened from view from the public roadway. This means that vessels, along with recreational vehicles and travel trailers of any type must be kept in the garage or moved to the side yard behind a fence or foliage that screens a minimum of 90% of the boat/trailer/RV.

If your property does not allow for adequate screening (covering with tarps or plastic sheeting is not considered adequate screening), compliance may be gained by using an off-site storage facility. Storage facilities can be found under “Boat or RV storage” in the yellow pages.

It should be noted that the Contra Costa County Ordinance supersedes any Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) that may make allowances for vessels, trailers and RVs to be stored on your property in public view. Please make alternative arrangements for your boat, trailer or RV to avoid code enforcement issues on these matters.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Larry Tolson at (925) 427-8843 at the East County Building Inspection office during office hours of 8:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 4:30


  1. Its not that difficult, we have laws for a reason. Just start enforcing them and fining people accordingly. Paying out money will motivate these people to follow the laws like the rest of us.

    • Excellent? You must be a 90 year old bag who stares out their window all day waiting for something to happen. 50% of the people in this city own a boat. Of those 50% probably 30% of them store it out front. Most of those are stored responsibly and out of harm and distraction. This is a money grab joke. Come tell me where to park my 50k boAt but don’t knock on the door of the person with 9 foot tall weeds, saggy ass blinds and 4 news papers at the bottom of their driveway. This will not be enforced. I’m not obeying!

      • Well, arent you Mr.Cool guy, why dont you start by parking it in your azz…..Follow the rules dikhead, youre not better then everyone else. Youll get caught eventually dipsh it.

        • If you don’t like boats and recreation then why did you move out here in the first place?

          These aren’t abandoned vehicles. These are our summer toys. We keep them nearby during the season because we use them .. often. DB is a boating and recreational community. If you have a problem with your neighbor you should discuss it. If you have a problem with the community maybe you should move.

          PS Funny how code enforcement only comes around in the summer. If it’s really about the blight and not about the $$ Jan or Feb would be much more effective months for a sweep.

  2. Based of Joes theory Im able to go rob banks and not get punished, since my neightbor is a murderer…. makes perfect sense , thanks Joe.

  3. LOL!!! you can shove that fine right up your ass, my boats staying in front of my house. Unless you want to pay my $350 a month storage fee.

  4. Joe and Rich feel they are more important then their neighbors, you guys are the problem of 2018. I have a question for you 2 penny lickers…

    Lets say Im a boat owner and your neighbor, but i store my boat properly as stated by City code . As a tax payer and homeowner, i dont have the right to stare out my front window without seeing your boat?

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