Discovery Bay: Big Rig Takes Out Pole, Causes Power Surge and Outage


At 10:33 am Thursday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of a big rig into a pole at the intersection of Marsh Creek Road and Highway 4.

Upon arrival, Engine 52 stated the lanes in the westbound direction were going to be shut down after the pole was sheared and lines were down.

A few minutes later, calls from residents in Discovery Bay and Bryon were reporting a power surge and odor of burning both inside and outside of their homes. At least 11 calls were recorded including Excelsior Middle School–which was evacuated.

Engine 59 was on scene investing the smell of smoke in a home where a TV exploded from the surge. They also reported on another home an electrical meter had blown out.

As off 11:00 am, 270 people are without power according to PG&E.