Discovery Bay Announces Water Meter Installation Payments Begin


The Town of Discovery announced Tuesday that residents who received a new water meter last year as part of the Water Meter Installation Project will start seeing an $8.01 monthly charge on their July water bill.

The July water bill arrives in August.   At the May 2, 2018 regular Board Meeting of the Town of Discovery Bay, the Board of Directors opted to replace individualized pricing in favor of an equal cost share amounting to a monthly $8.01 charge on the water bill.

The monthly charge will be for 120 months.  The monthly $8.01 charge remains with the meter, meaning that if the house is sold, the monthly charge will be added to the new homeowner’s water bill and continue until the full amount is satisfied.

Residents who did not receive a new water meter as part of the Water Meter Installation Project will not be billed a monthly water meter installation charge.

To review a sample water bill with the $8.01 “Meter Installation” charge please click here

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