Disabled Placard Crackdown Results in Hundreds of Citations Issued Statewide


Sacramento – Investigators with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issued 417 misdemeanor citations to individuals who were caught fraudulently using Disabled Person Parking Placards during 12 enforcement operations held in nine California cities in April.

Offenders must appear in court and may face fines that range from $250 to $1,000.  The violation will also become part of their driver record.

These crackdowns are part of the DMV’s continuous effort to curb disabled placard abuse and raise public awareness about the consequences that come with breaking the law.  During the past three fiscal years, DMV investigators have carried out 270 such operations and issued 2,019 misdemeanor citations.

Here are the results of the enforcement operations for April 2017:

Date  City Citations Issued Contacts
4/11 Glendale 32 242
4/14-4/16 Coachella (Indio) 85 532
4/18 Ventura 22 29
4/18 Hawthorne 23 93
4/18 San Diego 16 369
4/19 San Jose 8 60
4/21-4/23 Coachella (Indio) 96 664
4/24 San Diego 4 50
4/25 Brea 5 60
4/25 San Diego 7 106
4/26 Fresno 26 121
4/28-4/30 Coachella (Indio) 93 816
Totals 417 3,142

It is important to remember that a Disabled Person Parking Placard is issued to a specific individual who has provided the DMV with the necessary signed documentation from a certified physician. The placard is not transferable. Also, be aware that some qualifying disabilities are not visually apparent and allegations of misuse may be unfounded.

Anyone who believes someone has been issued a disabled placard in error or suspects misuse is urged to contact the nearest DMV Investigations office and submit a written complaint (Form INV 172) that can be found at www.dmv.ca.gov .  The complaint can be anonymous.

It is helpful to identify the location where the suspected person is using the placard because an officer must witness the fraud in order to issue a misdemeanor citation.



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