Destination Wedding at Pittsburg’s California Theatre

Press Release


The Contra Costa Clerk-Recorder’s Destination Wedding program will take center stage later this month at Pittsburg’s picturesque California Theater. In partnership with the City of Pittsburg and the Pittsburg Arts and Community Foundation, weddings will be scheduled between 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Friday, November 30th.

There are only 16 appointments available for this luxurious “Destination Wedding” location.

“The California Theatre is a fantastic wedding and special events venue and we are excited and honored to be able to share it with our couples,” Clerk-Recorder Joe Canciamilla said. “As a former Mayor of Pittsburg I am proud of this amazing and historic facility and thank the City and the Pittsburg Arts and Community Foundation for working with us to offer this incredible opportunity”.

The theater seats up to 350 guests and the auditorium features a large art-deco chandelier and Beaux-Arts architecture on the ceiling. It also showcases an ornate pipe organ and a grand balcony, which is currently being renovated.

The California Theatre opened in 1920 and featured live vaudeville performances and silent films.  Water damage forced the theatre to close in 1954; it was completely renovated and restored by volunteers to reopen in 2013.

“Partnering with the county is definitely a way to showcase the theatre. Our hope is that it becomes an entertainment anchor and that people get to see in-person what a jewel it is,” said Janis Glover of the Pittsburg Arts and Community Foundation.

Canciamilla also noted: “The theater, with its close proximity to downtown Pittsburg, offers our lucky couples the chance to arrange for a memorable wedding as well as a nearby reception with family and friends.”

Couples interested in having their ceremony at the California Theatre must make an appointment. Ceremonies can be scheduled online at

The civil marriage ceremony fee is $60. Couples can obtain a public marriage license for $86 or a confidential license for $90. License must be obtained prior to the ceremony at the main office in Martinez.

The Contra Costa Clerk-Recorder Division holds Destination Weddings each season at unique and picturesque locations throughout the county. For more information, contact Joseph Barton, Clerk-Recorder Services Supervisor, at 925-335-7900.


  1. Just how is this considered a “destination” wedding venue? Does this mean that someone living Concord will travel to Pittsburg to hold their ceremony at the California Theater? I thought a ‘destination” wedding means you travel to TAHITI or TURTLE ISLAND for the ceremony.

  2. What a miserable person you sound like DAWN…. are you one of those people who have to be nasty and pick things apart and can’t find the good in anything? I think it is nice they try to offer things like this for people who are not as fortunate to get married in TAHITI…. what a snob!

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