Contra Costa Young Democrats Blast Trump Administration for Ending DACA Program


Nearly one million people across the country to face deportation unless Congress acts


Martinez, CA — Today, the Trump Administration announced the end of DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This compassionate program allowed undocumented children and youth brought to America the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. These strivers are our friends, classmates, coworkers and community members who don’t have any other place they call home.


“We must fight to preserve and expand the American Dream,” said Jonathan Bash, President of the Contra Costa Young Democrats. “DACA has provided an opportunity for nearly one million children across the country to come out of the shadows and participate fully and freely in American society. To see their legal status ripped away is heartbreaking.


“We urge the Republican-led Congress to pass permanent legislation that will rescind this cruel decision by Donald Trump. We also call on all California state and local officials to announce their support for Dreamers, and resist any efforts by the federal government to target our law-abiding immigrant population.”


The DACA program was never presented as a permanent solution, but it was a way to protect deserving residents who have not called any other nation their home. Local Democrats, including the Contra Costa Young Democrats, believe that this move is a senselessly destructive action delivered by a xenophobic and divisive president who should have instead demonstrated care and compassion.


“Immigrants are America’s past, present and future. We cannot let fear and prejudice become the law of the land. The Contra Costa Young Democrats stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters, and will continue fighting on their behalf.”




The Contra Costa Young Democrats are a political organization dedicated to involving young people living and working throughout the county in Democratic Party activities. For more information, please visit



  1. It’s really laughable that the Contra Costa Young Democrats and ALL of you other uninformed, delusional liberals have no clue that ONLY Congress can make laws and Obama’s executive order regarding DACA was and is unconstitutional and illegal.

    If you traitors to our democracy is looking for someone to blame look no farther than the parents or guardians who brought their children here illegally. Secondly, blame Barack Obama who setup these kids for deportation. When Obama signed the executive order he stated himself that he knew he didn’t have power to give these people amnesty but he did it anyway.

    Americans fully support legal immigration and we should NOT have sympathy for individuals who thumb their nose at our laws and enter our country illegally. I really don’t care how long they have been here or if this is the only country they know they are here illegally and have no rights or benefits that comes with being born in the United States. Every Nation has a right to protect and defend their borders and anyone who enters, regardless of their age or race, should be immediately removed and returned to their country of origin and if they wish to come back they need to apply and wait their turn like everyone else.

    For goodness sake people go back to school or open a history book and educate yourself on how our system of government works. You are an embarrassment to our democracy!

  2. The law abiding illegal immigrant will see no change to their lives from before DACA to after end of DACA. What can change is the will to take the path to citizenship our laws require. Young Democrats should lobby to change the immigration laws, set by congress and not by a single President, by given a compelling reason for the change.

  3. Those DACA “Dreamers” are costing us taxpayers over $400 MILLION … money which is NOT spent on our American students.

  4. Gary, straight talk is what is needed. Thank you, you are correct. Citizens of America are those that are here legally. For those who are not, start your citizenship paperwork asap ! Quit breaking our federal laws. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

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