Contra Costa Today Ep 025 Referendum Against Antioch Cannabis Ordinance


On this Episode, I speak with Manny Solis about the “Not in Antioch” movement.

They are a group of residents who have come together to put together a Referendum Against Cannabis Ordinance Passed by Antioch City Council. The ordinance allows UNRESTRICTED cannabis businesses in two zones in the City of Antioch!

According to Solis, they do not want to get rid of cannabis or Prop 64, but rather they want the City of Antioch to have infrastructure in place first.

  • 00:40 – Solis talks about the referendum and need for infrastructure first
  • 01:58 – Impact on Public Safety, Council went against Chiefs Recommendation
  • 02:36 – Problem with two zones approved by council
  • 04:00 – Taxation may not come back to Antioch, it’s unclear at this time. Money should not be main concern to bring ordinance forward.
  • 06:42 – Approval will come back, but will you get good policy with Mayor Pro Tem Lamar Thorpe claiming Applebee’s creates more crime than Cannabis.
  • 07:40 – Solis highlights cannabis is mostly a cash business.
  • 08:15 – Next steps with referendum, how people can sign the referendum or contact them.

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  1. Wouldn’t it seem more unbiased and worthy of carefully listening to their point of view, if the article didn’t start right off with a “sensationalist” exclamation point, right there in the title?

    I find it off-putting to see what appears to be a sensationalist article, instead of what I believe ought to be presented here in these community pages, at least according to what I learned in High School Civics, oh-so-many years ago!

    What ever happened to fair and unbiased journalism. one might ask… 🙁

    • I was thinking the same thing, and about the near hysterical reaction to marijuana by some local residents.

  2. Do we really want more stoned people wandering around Antioch? Don’t we already have enough problems as it is? Think about it! Do we want more stench around here as well?

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