Contra Costa County Public Works to Delay Construction on Balfour Road Due to Swainson’s Hawk Nesting


Brentwood, CA – Contra Costa County Public Works identified a nesting Swainson’s Hawk immediately adjacent to Balfour Road.  Swainson’s Hawks are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and are a California-listed threatened species.  Therefore, we are required to protect the nest to avoid potential nest abandonment from construction activities.  Public Works will need to delay construction until the young hawks are able to leave the nest on their own.

Public Works’ biologist’ estimates this will occur around the week of July 23rd at which time construction would resume. In the meantime, the nest will be routinely monitored by the biologist to advise of their nesting stage.  If the young hawks leave the nest earlier, construction could resume sooner.

The detour will still be in effect from Sellers Avenue to Byron Highway during this delay.  Eastbound traffic will be detoured via local streets while Westbound traffic will remain on Balfour Road. Funding for this project is provided by the Discovery Bay West Mitigation Fund.  More information for this project can be found at

About Contra Costa County Public Works Department:

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  1. Maybe they should have used a brain and waited. Swainson hawk nests are easy to spot. East county road management sucks big time.

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