Contra Costa County Employees Raise $101,111.06 for the Contra Costa, Solano County Food Fight


Contra Costa County employees work in service to the County’s residents, but their generosity of spirit doesn’t stop there. Beginning each fall, they extend their humanity to donate to charity organizations representing a wide range of areas of need through the Combined Charities Campaign.

But wait, there’s more! Each November and December, staff members volunteer their time, energy and resources to raising money for the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties. With a friendly competition between employees of the two counties, and a little more than a decade of rivalry, our cumulative fundraising has surpassed the $1.6 million dollar mark. Even with such a spectacular achievement, County staff continue to aim higher each year.
The Food Bank has come to rely on, and appreciate, the support of County employees as well as that of the Contra Costa County community at large (yes, the public can participate in this challenge as well!).
This year, Contra Costa County Employees raised $101,111.06 for the Contra Costa / Solano County Food Fight this round! Contra Costa County’s 2017 Holiday Food Drive raised enough money to provide over 200,000 full meals to the hungry in this county.
That money will last into spring and summer, a time when the Food Bank can start purchasing fresh, nutritious produce-which, as we’ve said numerous times, is way better than canned goods. Our money lasts longer, has more nutrition, and can generate even more of that green stuff by providing matches for grants.
Team Burgis won this year’s Prestigious “Little Apple” Award with a final tally of $10,325 raising the most out of the 5 Districts ($1,720.83/employee)!
Information provided by Contra Costa County Supervisor Diane Burgis


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