Congressman DeSaulnier’s Statement on the Confirmation of Brett Kavanagh to Supreme Court

Press Release


Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11) issued the following statement after the United States Senate voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by a vote of 50-to-48.

“This is a transformative moment in our history where women are speaking out and taking great risks to make their voices heard. While our Constitution and its subsequent amendments guarantee equality for women, we as a country have yet to fulfill that promise. Unfortunately, some people want to go back in time. They believe that an “enlightened” world of white males is what makes this country great.


Today, a black mark in our history was made by a President who forcefully elevated to the Supreme Court a man who was not properly investigated, committed perjury before the U.S. Senate, and has neither the moral character nor judicial temperament to be a judge in any court in the United States of America.


In times like these, things do not come easily – they come with a struggle, but we cannot let our voices be silenced. This is a country that should inspire merit irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or sexual preference. We must keep fighting for justice, equality, and a better America.”


  1. Oh Mark. I agree this person does not belong on the Supreme Court. You also don’t belong in the house. Quit your complaining and do something to earn your lifetime benefits.

  2. It’s absolutely hilarious and sad how you moronic, power possessed Demon-crats are willing render a verdict of guilty and ruin a man’s life when there is no evidence to substantiate the accusations against Justice Kavanaugh. All of this shows just how EVIL 👿 the Democratic Party has always been.

    What a great feeling it is for ALL to witness just how mentally ill and depraved Demon-crats really are.

    Making America Great Again!!!!

  3. If you were my representative, I would do everything I could to campaign against you! You are the problem, not part of the solution.

  4. Well said, Mark. Thank you for being the voice of integrity and strength when many can’t see the truth about Kavanaugh. Proud to have you as our representative.

    • James Britto:

      You are either smoking way too much marijuana, off your meds, or you have mental health issues.

  5. You’re an embarrassment to the position you fill Mark, I’m sad for those you represent.

  6. I will do anything and everything to get you out of office! You and the rest of the demoncrats are what is wrong with politics! You haven’t done one good thing for California since you’ve been in office! Next election plan on losing your seat you piece of crap! Trump 2020!

  7. All these swamp politicians need to be replaced. It is amazing how Desaulnier remains. All I here is what a lousy politician he is. Vote people. If you have never voted before, it’s time to now. Our country is being challenged by democratic socialists. Socialism has never worked in the history of this world. Vote now and save our rights.
    Remember when a politician promises something out of reach, someone else pays for it. That’s the sign of a socialist.

  8. The BIG red tsunami is coming in November!!!!

    Get ready to cry all over again DemonKKKrats just like did for the presidential election.

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