Congressman DeSaulnier Reacts to President Trump’s Decision on Iran Nuclear Agreement


Washington, DC – Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11) issued the following statement after President Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement.

“The Iran nuclear agreement is working. Since the United States joined other world leaders in 2015 to enact an unprecedented agreement to curtail Iran’s nuclear power, Iran went from being able to build a nuclear weapon in two months to now being delayed to a year. This irresponsible decision by President Trump to withdraw from the agreement is harmful to the United States, our allies, and the international community. At a time when tensions are high in the Middle East and smart diplomacy is critical to preventing conflict, withdrawal could embolden Iran as a greater threat in the region, will erode American credibility on the international stage, and will isolate us from other world leaders who are remaining in the deal.”


  1. When you send pallet loads of taxpayer cash to terrorists it’s wrong. Desaulnier is out of touch with America. He and other political fools need to be replaced. Our own tax dollars have been funneled to terrorist groups to kill Americans. Desaulnier thinks that’s right ?

  2. First, Trump did not withdraw from the agreement, he merely chose to continue the sanctions. By the way, our “allies” have been on-the-take from the Iranians. So much for them being on our side.

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