Civil Grand Jury Recommends that District Attorney be Removed from Office, Candidate Responds

Press Release

Patrick Vanier has announced he will run against Mark Peterson for Contra Costa District Attorney

SAN RAMON – On Thursday, the Contra Costa Civil Grand Jury accused District Attorney Mark Peterson with “willful or corrupt misconduct in office,” and called for him to be removed from office.

Late last year Peterson admitted violating California’s political reform act when an audit of his campaign account revealed he spent more than $66,000 on personal expenses like movie tickets and meals.  He was later fined $45,000 by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Last week, Patrick Vanier, Supervising Deputy District Attorney for the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office Narcotics Prosecution Team, announced he is running for Contra Costa County District Attorney in 2018 where he pledged to bring respect and ethics back to the office of District Attorney.

Vanier released the following statement:

“For too long, the community and the people who work in the District Attorney’s office have had to suffer from Mark Peterson’s dysfunctional leadership.  It is unconscionable that the person sworn to uphold the law willfully violated it.  It is time for Mark Peterson to do the right thing, look at his conduct and the admissions he’s already made to the FPPC and allow someone to take over who will run the office in a respectful and honorable manner.  We expect more and deserve better from our elected District Attorney.”



  1. I’ll vote for any candidate who enforces my second amendment rights and issues CCWs to law abiding citizens.

  2. I never thought much of Peterson. He appears to be a politician rather than a DA. We have enough politicians to ruin this county already.

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