City of Oakley Reminds Residents Fireworks are Illegal, Offer Signs for Veterans


The City of Oakley is asking for help from residents to curtail the use of illegal fireworks this 4th of July holiday.

Fireworks are illegal, very dangerous, can cause fires and serious damage to property, as well as disturbing to neighbors, pets, people with disabilities, and Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Residents are encouraged to anonymously report offenders known to set off illegal fireworks as soon as possible, so that the Oakley Police Department can make contact prior to the holiday and emphasize zero tolerance of the use of illegal fireworks. During the holiday, additional enforcement will be conducted at and near the addresses that have been identified.

Got to to make an anonymous report of offenders in your neighborhood.

City of Oakley Offering Anti-Fireworks Signs Supporting Veterans
The City is offering a lawn sign (see image above) to remind residents to be considerate of the emotional distress that fireworks may cause our Veterans this 4th of July. Signs will be available at the City of Oakley booth during the Cityhood Celebration on July 1st or pick one up at City Hall or the Oakley PD during the week. They are free of charge, while supplies last. Please keep in mind, signs can be put up the week prior to the holiday, but must be taken down within the week after

Then Mayor Kevin Romick wrote the following in 2016 regarding fireworks:

Here is a copy of his memo:

All types of fireworks are illegal in Oakley and, like most communities across the State, we are finding it difficult to put any substantial dent in stopping them. Oakley is not unique in the deluge of fireworks. My oldest daughter sat on a hilltop in Martinez, Monday night, with a view from Richmond to Pittsburg and across the straits to Benicia and was utterly amazed with the onslaught of illegal fireworks. In a conversation with ECCFPD Chief Hugh Henderson, he mentioned the economy is truly on the mend, pointing at the amount and the level of sophistication of this years displays.

We did receive numerous complaints and information from some residents, the challenge is covering over 16 square miles of the City. Officers were zigzagging across the City, not arriving in time to actually see someone lighting a firework, which would lead to a citation. However, know that we did confiscate fireworks.

We need your help. While still fresh on your mind, please assist us as we prepare an action plan for both New Year’s Eve and next year’s 4th of July season. If you know of the exact address and/or persons involved in setting off fireworks, please email this information to the Oakley Police Department at: [email protected]. You can remain anonymous.

With this information we will plan face-to-face visits to remind these residents of the prohibitions and fines associated with possessing and discharging fireworks. With your assistance, this will be a critical component of our action plan, as will other elements that utilize volunteers and additional personnel to better tackle this issue.

Any suggestions for our action plan are welcomed and appreciated. Those can be sent to me at [email protected]. THANK YOU !!!

Mayor Kevin Romick



  1. I hope all those illegals can even read these signs or know what they mean

    illegals love them some fireworks

    • Thank you Archie Bunker for that incredibly inane comment. The idjits around here that fire them off (and I’m talking mortars to rival what the City does) look to be purely citizen types. Stupid, but “legal”. I usually find myself wishing that some of these bozos would lose a hand. In the meantime I get to deal with 2 100+ pound dogs who are terrified.

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