City of Oakley Announces Koda Dog Park to Open in Late June 


The City of Oakley announced that Koda Park, Oakley’s first designated off-leash dog park, is starting to take shape with the installation of sod, trees, shrubs that was done this past week. The park will open in late June.

The sod was delivered on Wednesday and crews worked rapidly to get the installation done in a single day. PG&E also completed the final electrical connection to provide power for the park. Minor concrete work and striping for the parking lot is scheduled for the end of May.

The shade structure for the picnic area is scheduled to arrive in early June.  Once the plant material is established and following minor outstanding work to be done, the park is anticipated to open by the end of June.

A ribbon cutting is scheduled for June 30 to officially open the park. The park was named Koda Park in honor of Oakley Police Departments first K-9.

The park is located next to the existing Nunn Wilson Family Park at the corner of Laurel Road and Brown Road. The park will encompass approximately 2.5 acres and includes a parking lot, restroom, picnic area, fenced areas for both small and large dogs, tables, benches, turf, drinking fountains, play and agility equipment and dog waste stations.

In total, the cost of the dog park is estimated around $1.2 million. Back in 2016, the City of Oakley received a $413,000 grant for a Community Dog Park. The city is contributing just over $764,000 in park impact fees.


  1. I find it sad that Oakley has given a better facility to dogs than senior citizens. Oakley has its priorities backwards in a big way. Until you fire the city manager and some of the staff, Oakley will never prosper the way it should.

      • Obviously. Here’s the plan. You and me, we open up an old people park to outdo Oakley and their dog park. We can play fetch with them and listen to how millennials ruined Sizzler for them, sounds dope.

  2. Koda is not the first Oakley K9. Isnt even an original Oakley dog. Came from El Cerrityo PD withe the cop. Oakley is the first K9 since Oakley broke away from the Sheriffs Office ( another stupid move by Montgomery and his puppets.)
    Oakley had some great dogs over the years!!
    Sergeant Roberts had “Freddy” and Officer Jones had “Betsy” and others. Freddy or Betsy were way better dogs than Koda. Gave more time and most of their active careers to the City of Oakley and its residents.

  3. Franks, I think you’re right 1.2 million for a place for dogs to urinate and dedicate, but no money for a senior citizen center or for a community state of the art library.

  4. Hey Oakley, instead of wasting $1.2 million on a park where it’s going to literally be full of shit, you should’ve used the money to ensure that all of our 6 elementary schools gave out free lunches to the children of Oakley!!

  5. I guess kids can’t use a YMCA or something to give them to do after school. Dog’s must have bigger problems ahead of them…

  6. I want free stuff too. I can’t wait to see all the dog fights. Judge Judy will have more dog suits to belittle people.

  7. In this comment section we see the denizens of Oakley don’t understand how city budgeting works.

  8. Oh shut up everyone! People old and young have multiple parks all over Oakley to walk, sit, picnic or whatever. There is no off leash anywhere where people with dogs can go! I had no idea that old people can’t enjoy parks across Oakley and East County. I guess I’ve been doing it all wrong then!

  9. Maybe the city can encourage the homeless turds that litter Main St all day to camp in this worthless project!!

  10. I don’t like dog parks because it’s too unpredictable. Sometimes people take there’s aggressive dogs there and it’s just to much of a risk for my dogs.

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