CHP Motorcycle Officer Injured in Crash on Highway 4


A California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer was injured in a crash on Highway 4 near Port Chicago in the city of Concord Monday evening.

The crash occurred at about 6:15pm according to CHP who reported the officer suffered major injuries, non life threatening, and was transported to a local hospital.

CHP stated the officer was pulled over to the side of the highway investigating an accident when he was struck.

The scene is still active for the investigation.


  1. Hoiy smokes! There was a real pile up in that same area last week! WTF is going on with people? This idiot who landed his SUV on the police officer was going over 90 mph, according to witnesses! It’s a miracle that people came to the officer’s aid and pulled that SUV off him! Speedy recovery to you, Officer!

  2. They are doing their job by giving tickets. I drive 200+ miles a day and see some of the worse driving ever, using cell phones, putting on make up, texting, stuffing double whoppers down their throats. We need more CHP out in full force!

  3. Captain just shut up you libtard. You like all your kind don’t like being held accountable for your actions. Just shut up already dumbass.

  4. Nah I know those bike cops, they are all dicks! You guys like to generalize everyone well I’m generalizing these dirtbag cops.

  5. Lately, that I-4 freeway going in both directions — at Port Chicago — has had a lot of crashes! High rate of speeding seems to be the cause.

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