CHP Investigating Pair of Contra Costa County Freeway Shootings


The California Highway Patrol is investigating two separate shootings on Contra Costa County freeways Wednesday night.

According to CHP, last night, at approximately 9:45 PM, a shooting occurred on northbound I-680, south of Treat Bl. The victim initially thought his window had been shattered by a bottle thrown by the suspect. Later, the victim found a bullet fragment in his vehicle and he called the CHP to advise that his vehicle had been shot. At approximately 11:15 PM, another shooting occurred on eastbound SR-4 at SR-242. The victim exchanged a few words with the suspect through open windows and then the suspect shot the victim’s vehicle. Neither victim was injured in these shootings and they do not appear to be related at this time.

CHP – Contra Costa is actively investigating these shootings with the assistance of Golden Gate Division – Investigative Services Unit.

If you have any information or may have witnessed this event call 1-800-TELL-CHP. We wish to thank the public for contacting us with information in serious cases such as this.


  1. Where are those high definition security cameras they said were coming? Why isn’t the CHP spread out more along the freeways where these shooting occur? Most of the shooting are during the evening hours. No need for them to hang out in Danville or Alamo!

  2. Hey folks, these crazies have guns and will use them, stop raging and dangerously switching lanes and being aggressive out there, tell your young kids who drive to do the same. This is some life or death shit, be careful.

    • Even if we switch lanes in a normal manner which we have to on a freeway, these morons will STILL shoot. Cameras should catch them and then they should never be allowed to have a DL or drive when they get out of prison … IF they ever do. This should be publicized all over.

  3. The law needs to explain the use of a firearm against any vehicle will result in an attempted murder charge. Tie the bullet, gun, and shooter – convicted under sentencing for attempted murder. None of this baloney dropping to a vandalism charge.

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