CHP Arrest 5 Teenagers After Pursuit on Highway 4 and Crash


The California Highway Patrol announced that early this morning at about 3:31am, Contra Costa CHP units were patrolling on SR-4 westbound, east of Railroad Avenue when they observed a Corvette and Audi SUV racing at speeds of 120MPH.

The CHP units immediately attempted to overtake the speeding vehicles and followed them to SR-242 southbound and to I-680 southbound. As soon as the CHP Units began pursuing the vehicles with their Code 3 Emergency lights on, both vehicles accelerated over 120MPH, illegally fleeing the Units.

Both Units remained with the Audi SUV at 130MPH as the Corvette drove even faster and more dangerously at reckless speeds. Once through the Caldecott Tunnel with the Units behind the Audi, the Audi took the HWY-13 off ramp to Berkeley too fast and crashed into the concrete center median.

CHP Contra Costa Units and CHP Oakland Units immediately took all five juvenile teenagers into custody, including the unlicensed 17-year-old male teenage driver.

CHP says nobody sustained any injuries and no damage other than the Audi but the passengers were all transported to Highland Hospital in Oakland for precautionary purposes.

The 17-year-old male teenage driver was arrested for felony evading a peace officer.

Absolutely inexcusable driving behavior by a young teenager that held all his passengers lives dangerously in his hands while driving in a completely reckless manner.


  1. Were they high? This is the time for the graduates to celebrate and I hope we don’t have a lot more accidents.

  2. The law must be changed so ALL parties names are released … whether they are juveniles or not.

  3. I just dont get it…do they think theyre invincible and that they cant get killed ? What makes their heads tick that way ? drugs ? arrogance ? aggressiveness ? too much non realiatic computer gaming ? too much watching fast and furious, thinking everybody does fast and furious ?
    Or real moronic, fcking arrogance and stupidity ?

  4. I drove by where it ended on my way to work and saw they were all African American kids. Getting ready for adulthood or should I say getting ready for hood life. Starting off the right way toward black lives matter.

  5. Their ages were 14-17! Now, what was a 14 year old doing out at 3:00 AM? Who is the guardian of this little creep?

    • He’s just a poor misguided boy. The boys mama has no interest in where he is at or what he does as long as the check comes in. We have created a terrible situation in California. It must change.

  6. That’s putting a lot of innocent lives at risk. I’m kind of surprised the CHP continued the chase through the Caldecott at 120 mph. Probably because a lot less cars on the street. If it were at say 8:00 PM, they probably would have called if off.

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