At 9:20 pm, Antioch Police responded to Fairview Drive in Antioch after a report of a home invasion robbery.

Police say a man and woman were uninjured after two men forced their way into the home.  The residents heard a knock on the door where a female was asking for help. Upon opening the door, they were confronted by two black males where where one subject was armed with a handgun.

The suspects demanded money and jewelery.  An undisclosed amount of money and jewelery were stolen and the two men fled the scene.

Police were still investigating Sunday morning.

Per radio traffic the suspects were described as:

1 – BMA 25-30, 6 ft, stocky build, black jacket, green ski mask, grey pants, black semi-auto firearm
2 – BMA 25-30 5’10” stocky, black mask, blue jeans,



At 6:45 pm, Antioch Police responded to a report of a male who had been shot on Manzanita Way and Sycamore Drive.

When police arrived, they located a 17-year-old Hispanic male suffering from a gunshot wound.

According to radio traffic, it was stated the a subject was shot in the head during a drive by shooting with multiple subjects in another vehicle.

IMG_0953 IMG_0974
Police said the shooting was determined to have occurred while the victim and other subjects sat in the car. The victim was transported by ambulance to a local hospital where he is in serious, but stable condition.

Police said as of 9:15 Saturday, the victim was not being cooperative and not providing very much information to assist police in their investigation.

Update 8:45 am Sunday:

Police said the victim was treated and released last night at a local hospital after removing a bullet which was between his skin and skull but did not penetrate.

The case is still under investigation at this time. Anyone with any information is urged to call the Antioch Police Department at 925-778-2441.


In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving, a group of Deer Valley students created a video called “Last Moments” which became a top 10 finalist in the Toyota TeenDrive365 People’s Choice Awards.

If the video wins the contest, the team of aspiring film makers Jordan Bjorklund, Karina Vazquez, Daniel Harte, Joseph Salazar, and Cyrus Peinado will win $15,000.

For them to win, they need the public to vote for their video which can be voted on once each day through April 30, 2015. (Click here to vote and select “Last Moments”)

Upon discovering the contest, they decided to move forward with the project because it was a perfect fit for their age group.

“One of our group members found the contest online and thought it was a great competition to join because it’s a local issue because a lot of teenagers text and drive so making the video about texting and driving impacts the local population,” explained Joseph Salazar.

Karina Vazquez thought they could reach a lot of people if they made the video’s message powerful.

“We chose this one because it was the most relatable distraction to teens and thought it would have the most impact to any driver,” said Vazquez.

In total, there were more than 1,100 entrees into the contest. They got the call on April 3 that they had made the finals.

“We were excited and at that point started to mobilize to get the word out to the public to hopefully get the People’s Choice award,” said Jordan Bjorklund. “It was a big accomplishment and we put in at least 40-hours into a 90-second clip within 2 weeks.

The film is 90-seconds which Bjorklund admitted was hard because they had so much video to sort through.

“It was a pain in the butt because when I was editing you had to chop out every little thing off you possibly could and had to stay to the bare storyline while emphasizing the consequences that texting and driving could bring. It’s difficult to portray a storyline that will impact people in 90-second,” explained Bjorklund.

The team admitted that working on the video and seeing the finished product has changed their attitude on texting and driving.

“To be completely honest, it has because I have watched so many PSA’s on it now,” said Bjorklund. “As I was editing it clip by clip by clip, it wipes away the emotion for you but when you see your parents and your fellow students watch it, the reaction reminds you what its really like.”

Vazquez agreed.

“It’s changed my opinion on texting and driving because you get to see the reaction of the viewer’s when they see the crash scene, you go wow this is crazy,” explained Vazquez. “We did what we wanted to do with the video which was have a big impact and that is what we think we accomplished.”

Originally, the group thought they were going in another direction based off an idea of Daniel Harte to reverse engineer a crash site, however, the timeline to complete such a task was not feasible.

“It would start off with a phone and someone lying in the ground and it would slowly go in reverse but we figured with the time frame we had it would have been cool if we could have done that,” said Daniel Harte. “It would always go back to the phone.”

They still may explore that idea in the future if the opportunity presents itself. For now, they will be focusing on finding their next project which they believe will be a short film for a film festival to further express and refine their skill sets.

Recently, the group took Second Place in the Live Action Sub-Category in a NASA contest which was an international contest for High School and college students.

“It’s a big thing because its NASA,” said Vazquez. “It helps build the portfolio.”

Bjorklund stated that being recognized by NASA helps the reputation of Deer Valley HS and shows not all students are bad.

“Deer Valley has a bad reputation, but the film class shows that when you put money into a class the results will come. We have another group who just won $250 for their suicide PSA. You have students who are doing positive things,” said Bjorklund.

Cyrus Peinado added that through videos they are showing positives with the school.

“We wanted Deer Valley to get some positive news because it’s been getting a lot of negative publicity lately. We feel like with this, it really shows there are a lot of good students at the school and this video emphasizes that. It’s not all bad,” said Peinado.

The students all credited Mr. Olff and Deer Valley TV for teaching them skills and encouraging them with their video productions.

“Without Mr. Olff pushing us and encouraging us, there would be none of this,” said Bjorklund.

Click here to vote daily for the video called “LAST MOMENTS”:


The area around W. 10th Street and L Street has been shut down after a structure fire involving a commercial building broke out Friday evening at 7:35 pm.

The initial reports were a garage fire at an auto shop with black smoke showing. Upon arrival, police noted the building was on fire. APD quickly mobilized to shut down the roads to allow Contra Costa County firefighters immediate access.

Erica-LeachPhoto by Erica Leach

Engine 81 arrived on scene to find smoke coming from the garage followed by flames shortly after arrival. They began immediate defensive attack after propane and welding tanks were in the building.  Power lines also went down during the incident.  CONFIRE stated about 50 percent of the building was involved.

By 8:01 pm, CONFIRE started to get control of the fire and by 8:08 pm, the fire was deemed under control.  By 8:17 pm, the fire-timer was cancelled.


Per CONFIRE, the blaze started after two people were welding and sparks landed on gasoline on the floor causing the fire to quickly spread to the building.


Main Photo and two photos below by Corinne Rodriguez Evans

11083957_10204168249237051_426117833708702887_o 11149726_10204168254357179_4802925304826125582_o



The following message was provided by Belshaw Principal Mr. Lewis regarding a suspicious activity involving a student and an unknown male before school.  The man tried multiple times to get the student to get into his vehicle.

Good Afternoon, this is Mr. Lewis, Principal of Belshaw Elementary. At approximately 1:15 pm a 5th grade student reported that at approximately 8:40am this morning, he was dropped off near school by Worrell Drive and started walking towards campus.

Shortly after being dropped off, a male suspect possibly Asian in his 30’s, dark hair, clean shaven driving a smaller red 2-door Toyota Truck pulled alongside the student rolled down the window and asked the student to get in his vehicle. The student continued walking towards campus ignoring the man.

According to the student, the man continued to drive North Bound on Roosevelt Ln, then turned around and pulled into the school drive way where the student was still walking. The student reported that the man again asked the student to get in. The student started running toward the front gate and suspect fled back towards Worrell Dr. Both the Antioch Police Department and the student’s parent have been notified.

Please remind your children to never talk to strangers and to never get in a car or leave with a stranger –even if he or she seems nice or says they are a friend or a family member. We will have additional school security in the area and will alert the police and parents should we observe anything suspicious. Thank you, as always, for your support in this matter.


The Contra Costa County Fire Protection District is on scene for a reported gas main break at the Chateau Mobile Home Park in Antioch.

All traffic on Buchanan Road between Somersville and Meadows Ave was closed. Commuters were being asked to use State Route 4 for eastbound traffic to access Antioch, Brentwood and Oakley.

“Construction crew digging hit a gas main line. CONFIRE monitored for gas due to the wind,” said Robert Marshal, CONFIRE spokesperson. “This was more precautionary than anything else since the break was so small. We were not worried about big explosions due to size of the leak”

According to Marshal, the broken line was 4-inch line which would not have provided a fireball like seen in San Bruno or in Fresno.

Contra Costa County Fire has issued a shelter in place order at the Chateau Mobile Home Park because the line was hit near the entrance.

The incident was first reported at 8:49 am with roads being open at 10:33 am.


Antioch City Manager Steve Duran reported that for the first quarter of this Antioch violence crime was down 13.6% when compared to last year. Duran also shared that Total Part 1 Crime was down 7.7% and total arrests were up 21.3%.

Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando will be making his quarterly report to the City Council in May.

Antioch Police Briefs:

  • On 4/12/15: officers responded to a 911 call of a boating accident. The subjects were out on the water in their boat near the marina. James was in the water when his mother, Tammy, who turned the boat around to pick him up. Tammy accidentally ran over James and the boat propeller sliced him open across the left arm and back. James was transported to John Muir for emergency surgery and is expected to survive. The CCCSO Marine Patrol responded for the investigation.
  • On 4/14/15 Officer’s McElroy and Torres responded to Holy Rosary on a report of a male looking into vehicles in the parking lot and carrying a knife. Officers arrived and the subject fled on foot. The subject (Arzate) dropped a knife while he was being pursued. Officers caught up to Arzate in the Little Manuel’s parking lot and a brief struggle ensued. Arzate was taken into custody.Arzate was taken to APD jail where he threatened to shoot and kill police officers when he got out. Arzate was booked into County Jail
  • On 4/15/15: APD received a call of H&S dealing in the parking lot of the methadone clinic. The caller described a van that was occupied by Harris and Rhea. The van was searched and was found to contain heroin and a glass smoking pipe. Harris was arrested for the heroin and Rhea was arrested for the pipe. Both were arrested.
  • On 4/17/15 Montanez created a disturbance at Denny’s and was asked to leave. Montanez brandished a loaded revolver and turned off the power to the business at the breaker. Afterwards, he confronted an employee and stated he was going to shoot people. Montanez did not shoot anyone and he fled on-foot. The staff closed the restaurant and called police.Officers were close to the area and arrived in moments. Montanez was not immediately found; but a search was found Montanez hiding underneath a semi-trailer. He refused to come out and as he moved deeper into his hiding spot several bullets fell from his person onto the ground.

    Due to the dangerous conditions of a gun being involved and Montanez refusal to comply, a K9 was deployed. A loaded revolver was recovered, and Montanez had a warrant, is a convicted felon and was in possession of meth.

    He was cleared at the hospital and taken to County Jail on a litany of charges.


ANTIOCH, CA – Owners of small businesses in East Contra Costa County are invited to learn how to increase their business opportunities with the state of California during a free workshop on Thursday, April 23, in Antioch.

Co-sponsored by Assemblymember Jim Frazier, the California Department of General Services and the Antioch Chamber of Commerce, the State of California Small Business Certification Workshop will run from 10 a.m. to noon at the chamber office, 101 H St., Unit 4. Staff members from the Department of General Services will walk participants through the process of becoming certified to do business with the state, the first step in bidding for and soliciting service contracts from state agencies.

Participants who wish to become certified during the workshop itself should bring a laptop computer; their business’s three most recent federal tax returns; their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN); Secretary of State number; the home address of their business officers, partners and member/manager; Dun & Bradstreet number (if applicable); Contractors State License Board number (if applicable); and keywords (255 character-limit; don’t use periods or commas and do not repeat words). To register for the workshop, call the Antioch chamber at (925) 757-1800.

To contact Assemblymember Jim Frazier please visit his website at or call his District Offices at 707-399-3011 or 925-778-5790. Follow Assemblymember Jim Frazier on Facebook and “Like” him for updates on events and happenings in the 11th AD.

File Photo

Around 9:30 pm Sunday night, Antioch Police received a call reporting unknown subjects inside a home on Hailstone Way.

According to radio traffic, the reporting party heard noises downstairs and saw flashlights. The occupants immediately locked the bedroom door and called police.

Upon arrival, an Antioch Police officer waiting for backup observed two men leaving the home and as backup arrived a short foot pursuit occurred where police caught both subjects and recovered the stolen property.

Upon being taken into custody, one subject refused to cooperate saying he wanted a lawyer while the other subject accused police of being “too rough” with him when the officer took him to the ground during a foot pursuit.  He requested medical attention from AMR.

According to radio traffic, both subjects are currently on probation for residential burglaries and other crimes.

No further details were released on scene.


Just before 3:00 pm Saturday, Antioch Police responded to a report of a vehicle versus child in the 500 block of Rossi Avenue.

According to police, a 7-year-old boy ran across the street and hit the side of a moving vehicle. The impact from the vehicle caused the child to fall and suffer a serious head injury.

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and AMR arrived on scene and called for a medical helicopter. He was airlifted to a local hospital and was considered in serious condition.

According to Lt. Vanderklugt, the driver of the vehicle stopped and was one of their 9-1-1 callers who reported the incident. Police said this was a case of pedestrian who ran into the street and hit the vehicle. The mother of the child confirmed the story said police.

On Sunday, Lt. Vanderklugt provided an update saying the status of the boy is doing great and is expected to make a full recovery.