CASE Team Arrests Suspect in Oakley on Multiple Charges

Press Release

Photo provided by Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff
The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff Announced the arrest of a 46-year-old Oakley man on September 14.
According to a release by the Sheriffs Office:

The CASE (Contra Costa County Anti-Violence Support Effort) Team last month launched an investigation into a person who was found with a loaded unregistered handgun. On Friday, September 14, 2018, the CASE Team carried out a search warrant on the person’s home on Lake Park Drive in Oakley.

During the search of his home, the CASE Team seized the following weapons:

  • 9mm Poly 80 Glock-style machine gun pistol,
  • .223 AR-15-style assault pistol
  • 7.62 AR-10-style rifle
  • .357 semi-auto pistol
  • .45 semi-auto pistol.

In addition, parts for Poly 80 Glock-style pistols (including two milled pistol frames), firearm manufacturing equipment, and several thousand rounds of ammunition were confiscated.

The CASE Team arrested 46-year-old Michael Wunder of Oakley. Wunder was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on the following charges: felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a machine gun, possession of an assault weapon, manufacturing an assault weapon, and felon in possession of ammunition.

Wunder is being held in lieu of $600,000 bail.

The CASE Team is a joint effort by the Office of the Sheriff, California Department of Justice, California Highway Patrol, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Pittsburg Police Department, Walnut Creek Police Department, and Probation Officers from the Contra Costa County Probation Department. CASE was created in November 2011 as a collaborative effort to reduce violent crimes in Contra Costa, especially those related to illegal firearms.


  1. A machine gun pistol aye…Sounds like David Hogg was in the room when this article was written…

  2. How can a citizen get in touch with this CASE team? I’m concerned because a neighbor has weapons of this type

    • Loraine , Just because they have weapons of this type doesn’t mean they are a felon. The biggest part you missed was he was a felon and had already be arrested back in 2011. Fucking ignorant people. If you don’t know the correct information then don’t make assumptions. Besides I believe the law is if you file a false report you can actually get in trouble, so you should just mind your own business.

  3. That probably not a good idea Loraine mcwhorter when your neighbors in methel island 🌴get there door kicked down from there nosey neighbor not minding her own business they might not be happy with u

  4. Loraine why wood u tale on me all those good times on the levee I’m methal island

  5. Unless your neighbor is a felon, these types of firearms can be legally owned. I doubt you could tell the difference in a legal one vs an illegal one since many features are just cosmetic.

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