Candidate Accountability Measure Passes Committee


Sacramento, CA – Legislation by Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D – Discovery Bay) that will raise penalties for candidates for office who make willful misrepresentations on their candidate statements passed the Assembly Elections committee on a 7-to-0 vote.

“We can’t allow candidates to dupe the voters saying that snake oil is an actual remedy to their ills. We can’t allow someone to lie their way into office when tax dollars or the education of our children are at stake. When the public’s trust is in question, the public deserves to know the truth when reading an official candidate statement. This bill holds candidates accountable by increasing the fine for any willful misrepresentation.”

AB 894 would increase the current fine for a willful misrepresentation in a candidate statement to $10,000. The current fine is set at a maximum of $1,000, which has not been an effective deterrent and has not kept up with inflation.

In August 2015, the Contra Costa District Attorney filed a suit in court, The People of the State of California vs. Jeffrey Belle, against a candidate for the Contra Costa Board of Education for knowingly making a false statement of fact in a candidate statement with the intent to mislead voters. In this particular case the candidate falsified his education credentials, his residence, and his criminal record. Instead of a punishment including a fine, he received only entry into a diversion program for offenders, despite the injustice perpetrated upon the voters. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this remains a problem in other jurisdictions.

AB 894 now heads to the Assembly Floor.



  1. Let’s start with Jim Frazier! Probably the most corrupt politician in the County!!

    What’s wrong Jimbo, have you run out of vendetta bills and personal pandering and abuse stunts? The irony of personal hypocrisy & accountability is lost on this blowhard.

    I Can’t wait to vote the fatass out of office!

  2. Unless Mr. Frazier owns a Basement H-O scale Train set, and keeps his Engineers’ Cap down there, beside it, He has also mis-represented himself when he claims, when referring to the costs associated with the Oroville Dam rebuild, “that, any Engineer, EVEN MYSELF, would be able to tell you it was done improperly the first time around.”

    Your State License to even “swing a hammer” has been suspended from the State of California for well over 10 years now, Jim. I say if you really want this Bill to pass, you should be the first to pony up the 10-Large! Yank the Bill, Jim, and save yourself from further embarrassment down the road.

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