Byron: Patient Airlifted After Rollover Crash on Vasco Road

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At 2:17 pm Friday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District was dispatched to a report of an overturned vehicle crash on Vasco Road near Camino Diablo in Byron.

Engine 52 arrived on scene to located a vehicle off the roadway with a patient suffering from injuries.

By 2:40 pm, Vasco Road was shutdown with a medical helicopter in the roadway.


Detail Information
2:20 PM 7 [20] [Appended, 14:20:36] [1] 30 FEET OFF RDWY
2:17 PM 5 [13] [Appended, 14:18:26] [5] VEH IS DOWN EMBANKMENT ON RHS
2:17 PM 4 [7] 1039 COCO 1141
2:16 PM 3 [3] SOLO VEH TC
2:16 PM 2 [2] RHS
2:15 PM 1 [9] [Appended, 14:18:26] [1] VEH OT
Unit Information



  1. I got stuck in the traffic and saw the helicopter take off. It was a small red car that was way down the embankment and over the side rail. So sad to see when that happens. I hope the person isn’t too severely injured.

    • Hi Anna, thank you for your good vibes. It was my brother in law….he is recovering…he was very lucky

  2. Daniel if people would stop driving with their head up their ass and pay attention to what they should be doing, then 99% of the time these accidents wouldn’t happen period. Who crashes in broad daylight at 2pm in the afternoon when their is really no traffic yet? I can answer that…dumb people that don’t know how to drive.

  3. Dear Daniel, I apologize for the stupid comments others make when your family member is in pain. The above statement, although true, may or may not have appled to your brother in law. Either way this was not the time to make it. Best wishes to your family. Merry Christmas and may God bless us all.

  4. What really needs to happen is widen Vasco to accommodate the 20,000 cars daily that use it. People would then not feel like it needs to be a competition drive.

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