Bucks for Books Fundraiser Aims to Bring More Books to School Libraries and Brentwood Library


Love Our Libraries–Bucks for Books” Drive Feb. 26-March 16 will bring More Books to School Libraries and the new Brentwood Library

The Brentwood Library Foundation is partnering with the Brentwood Union School District to raise funds Feb. 26 to March 16 with a “Love Our Libraries–Bucks for Books” drive to provide additional books for the school libraries and for the collection at the new Brentwood Library.

The campaign will include fundraising activities in each of the classrooms of the district’s eight elementary schools and the advisory classes of the three middle schools.  Half of the funds raised will go to the schools’ libraries and half will go to the opening day collection for the new library. Checks should be made out to the Brentwood Library Foundation and are tax deductible.

“We’re excited about the potential of bringing a wide array of new books to the youngest readers in our community,” said Diane Alexander, President of the Brentwood Library Foundation. The school libraries are an important part of the literacy efforts of our schools. A larger book collection at the Brentwood Library will provide needed resources for students away from school.

The Brentwood Public Library, under construction at 104 Oak Street, is expected to open in September this year.