Brentwood’s Blue Goose Park Forced to Close Spray Feature After County Inspection

Press Release

File Photo: City of Brentwood's Blue Goose Park

BRENTWOOD, CA – On Wednesday afternoon, June 20, 2018, the Contra Costa County Health Services Department performed an inspection on the Blue Goose Park water spray feature. Upon the inspection, it was discovered that the UV light was not operational. Readings for ph, chlorine, disinfectant, and clarity were all within County code requirements.

As a result of the UV failure, the County Health Department closed the spray feature until the proper repairs can be made and a County Health Official passes a reinspection of the system. Parks staff is currently working on the required repairs. When the repairs are complete and the water spray feature is operational, staff will contact the County Health Department to perform an inspection prior to reopening the water feature.

The health and safety of our citizens is a high priority for the City Council and staff. The City will open the water feature only when it is deemed safe for public use. The closure has been posted on the City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation web page. At this time, all other water features within the City remain open.

The following was a press release by the City of Brentwood


  1. Isn’t the UV light what filters bacteria? Should be a quick fix to swap out that part…and hopefully soon! Summer is here.

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