Brentwood Residents Catch Juveniles on Video Vandalizing Homes, Claim Harassment


A Brentwood resident claims he is being harassed by juveniles who on 4-occassions this month has been vandalized. He and others have the incidents on video but say police have not done enough to stop it.

Mark Valencia who has captured video says it all began on July 3 where a red Mustang was caught on video and teenagers got out of the vehicle and they placed an m80 in a bag and it exploded on his porch.

“We have lived in Brentwood our whole lives, my wife and I went to high school here and are longtime residents, I don’t know these people I am not going to confront them so I called the cops, they couldn’t do much and assumed they wouldn’t come back,” explained Valencia.

Since then, he has captured three more incidents on video which captured teenagers in a black Charger.

After posting video and  photographs on social media, others around Brentwood began sharing it. Others have also stepped up saying they were also victims.

“This is unacceptable. People have been reaching out trying to catch these kids,” explained Valencia. “After the third time, people were sitting on videos and began sharing them. It appears there are up to 7-teenagers who hit another home in the area. The neighbors sat on the video and then shared it. These kids are terrorizing the entire city.

He says the police department should be doing more to help residents who are being terrorized by teenagers. He says that other people have come forward with similar run-ins with these teenagers and police haven’t done enough.

“I am getting more support from complete strangers wanting to stake out which is more positive than from the police department. It’s 3-4 am in the morning, its quiet, and you can’t catch a Challenger and red Mustang?” said Valencia.

According to Valencia, at least 7-homes that have been egged all over Brentwood under similar circumstances with video now being shared.

“I am so exhausted, I am tired and I am paranoid. Its not right they are getting away with this, they hit my house and then they hit several other homes,” said Valencia. “Police need to step up and not let these kids get away with and we need to take back our community before it progresses to something worse. I just want it to stop.”

He hopes by posting the video, either the police will catch the juveniles in action or parents of will see the video and the harassment will stop.

The Social Media Post by Mark Valencia:

For the 4th time this month, our home of 13 years and a Brentwood resident since 1979 has been harassed;

  • 1) 7/3/17 11:45pm m80 on porch
  • 2) 7/9 at 3:45am egging of home and vehicles
  • 3) 7/ 11 9pm caught someone staking out my house and now
  • 4) 7/20 3:54am another egging.

I have called the police all 4 times and unfortunately not much support from them on this. It’s time that WE catch these individuals and press any charges that WE can or towards their parents; I am fed up. This is bulls#%*

Suspected vehicles are the following older white explorer or chevy, new challenger blacked out with tinted windows, blacked out rims and a newer 2006 or up red mustang with hood scoop. Look at my other posts and look at the kids in the video. One is wearing glasses and definitely has a baseball throw. He would have friends with a red mustang , black challenger or white older explorer. Turn them in before they get hurt by some homeowner as I’m not the only one looking for them.

I have spoken to about 5 different homeowners that have been hit by the same vehicles and suspects. You can bet a Class Action Lawsuit isn’t too far from our minds. Enough is enough.

Please Share especially to any baseball coaches.

Here is the list of incidents

Here are the entire Brentwood incidents of some of the homes.

6-27-17 11pm – Adam neighborhood egged
7-3-17 11:40pm m80 detonated on Marks porch
7-3-17 2am-5am Cassie egged and windshield shattered
7-9-17 3:55am egging at Marks house
7-9-17 4:31am egged Coconut Place at Michelle’s house
7-12-17 9:30pm suspects drove nearby Marks house
7-20-17 3:45am entire flat of eggs on his house and another house. Duct tape on vehicles and across roadway.
7-20-17 4am egging and front door kicked in on Armstrong Way. Niccole house. White Ford Explorer. 3 teens.



  1. The problem is these offenses are misdemeanors they need to have stiffer laws for vandalizing homes and cars

    • You can thank the people who voted for many felonies to now become misdemeanors!

      But just wait until BART gets to Brentwood. You will see kids from other areas get on BART, create havoc and then take off on BART before anyone even knows how much damage was done.

    • Our parents cars were egged in 1978. My mom was the most angered. She instructed my friends to seek out the wrong doers by wanting to join them on the next raid. Instead, they egged the parents cars and house windows. The egging of property stopped. These victims need to do the same.

    • Unacceptable. What the hell do we pay taxes for, so that the police can sit there and do nothing??? Crime here isn’t as bad as in Pittsburg and Antioch, but still this kind of harassment is going to lead to someone getting hurt or killed if it persists with no resolution or law enforcement by the cops.

  2. This seems to be escalating though. The latest incident included one boy kicking in the front door.

  3. @ Melanie, what bigger fish do the police have to fry between 2 and 5 in the morning. Have you ever had egg on your car and then had to have your car repainted for thousands of dollars? There have also been dozens upon dozens of other eggings around Brentwood the last couple of months that are not even mentioned here. Police should not have a hard time spotting this pack of cars in the middle of the night and stopping them.

  4. Melanie, It starts with egging and goes to property destruction……how would it feel if they went after you? These kids need a little ( a lot) of intervention before someone decides to use firearms.

    • Which probably will happen soon, since they apparently kicked a door in That’s akin to home invasion and in most cases will end in gun fire.

    • We’ve had our home egged, and we washed it off, and moved on. I friend of mine had her home egged in Martinez and had the police drive by three times a night for weeks – never caught anyone.

      Total waste of resources. I hope Martinez PD didn’t miss a felony when looking for “egg throwers.”

      Police PRIORITZE and this isn’t a priority to any department.

      I hope they catch these teenagers, but don’t expect the police to stop making violent felonies a priority to catch these kids. Give me a break.

      Teenagers have been egging homes forever, and I doubt it will ever stop.

  5. So proud of you Mark! I might not live there anymore, but you have my support! I hope they find these kids and scare the hell out of them so maybe that won’t end up in the system some day.

  6. Time for Brentwood PD to step up to the plate. I saw a guy in a small 3-wheel vehicle doing a side-show spinning doughnuts in the middle of the intersection of Sand Creek road and the entrances to Streets of Brentwood and Raley’s the other night aobut 8pm. Things are getting out of control really quickly around here. Crime seems to be up and I feel a serious message should be sent.

  7. Kids in Brentwood seem to think they can say and do whatever they want. They behave that way in school and hardly ever receive consequences. Unfortunately they learn the behaviors from their parents. Just look at how people drive around here…speeding, unsafe lane changes, not stopping at stop signs and red lights…parents do whatever they want and children see this and mimick the same behaviors and attitudes. Hope these teens get caught soon and I hope you press charges!

    • Nancy, it’s not kids in brentwood, it’s kids everywhere. Where are their parents??

      • Not Just Brentwood. Just because they are parents, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are responsible people! Maybe the parents were raised to be destructive too.

        When the police do catch those miscreants, I hope the people they victimized go after the parents, big time.

        Egging a house is not the same as egging a car. Egg protein does real damage to a car’s paint.

  8. This is the age of entitlement. Teenagers and their parents feel they are entitled to do what ever they want with out consequences. Time for it to stop! What the heck are these people doing out at these hours?

  9. Yes not very amazed by the Brentwood police. Never had positive interactions with them at all. They are experts at talking there way out of taking police reports. Calling them is a last resort for me. They need to quit hawking the antioch and Brentwood border all night long making traffic stops and actually drive through the neighborhoods in the officers assigned beats all 4 of the beats. We have lived here 14 years and I never see any Brentwood officers drive through any neighborhoods unless called.

  10. I think the parents of these kids should be held accountable for their behavior. It’s obvious that there is a complete lack of upbringing and zero disciplinary action. How about if and when they are caught we vandalize the vehicles they are using and see how they like it. I have teenage kids of my own and if I found out they were doing shit like this to peoples’ personal property they would get a serous ass kicking. I work hard for what I have and I’ll be damn ed if I’m going to let these punks ruin it. Brentwood police need to get involved and put an end to this crap.

  11. Really Melanie: How would u like it if u were going through this. This is scary for these people. M80 on porch, door kicked in. This is serious…..

  12. Melanie they might have bigger fish too fry but the police need too stop this so it does not turn into someone being shot . Melanie u don’t think if the police had that done too their house they would ignore it. When it comes too eggs it is hard too get off. For u too say kids have been doing this does not make it right.

  13. Melanie’s attitude is exactly why these kids are out at 3am vandalizing. “Kids will be kids.” Uuhh, nope, not buying that crap. My kid had some issues in school and made a dumb choice. This Mama took him straight to the police dept myself! Fortunately, he took it seriously and we never had a problem after that. Not saying this is the answer for every kid, but come on…..what happened to consequences, folks?

  14. If this is a repeated attack on a particular house or houses, I would get a van and park it in the area, stay in it during the times this has happened and get a better shot at the license plates of the vehicles AND the culprits. The security cameras seem too far away to catch the images more clearly. It might also be good for people to take turns watching the area if you have to get some sleep because of work schedules. A dash cam could also help providing you get the kind which you can switch on for a few hours.

      • Yeet, neither I nor my 6 brothers and sisters ever did anything like that when we were kids not that long ago. Neither did the neighboring kids nor friends! If we even THOUGHT about being that irresponsible, our parents would handle the matter in ways I will not describe. Today, we thank our parents for really doing their job in “parenting” us.

        Not every kid is an ahole!

  15. Raise your kids properly, and they won’t be out doing this. I agree with Melanie. This isn’t a priority to any police department. We all prioritize at work. Get real.

    I blame the parents and the kids – not the police.

  16. The police should take this more seriously! If they don’t, then this problem should be taken up with the mayor and the city council and INSIST that they help resolve it. Be very adamant about it.

    We have no idea where those kids live or who their parents are or where they live. ANY disturbance of the peace is a police matter to solve. This is why they get paid from our tax dollars.

    My husband and family would not tolerate having our sleep disrupted by some thugs. We would be sorely tempted to take the matter into our own hands … there is just so much patience one can have ….. but we pay the police to do that.

  17. I never said “kids will be kids.” I said this isn’t a priority. Also – the police can’t be everywhere. If they can’t catch murderers, armed robbers, carjackers (serious felonies) you want them to catch all teenage egg throwers?

    I’m a very logical person, and once again, they have bigger fish to fry. You either get it or you don’t. Ask any cop. They’ll tell you the same thing.

    If you don’t like it – become a police officer yourself, and report back. Like you’ll really spend all your time on this. Yea, right.

  18. Seriously, the kind thing to do is to call police and tell them who these kids are if you recognize them. It’s not “snitching,” it’s potentially saving their lives. They really don’t realize who’s out there, and every time they run up and vandalize property, they may be taunting someone who’s been through all they’re willing to take. They’re too young to have been in any real situations where they’ve taken actual physical damage, and they think it’s like TV or the movies. If they get stopped now, they may get a chance to mature a bit and learn the difference without paying for this lesson with their lives. After the fact, families and friends always indignantly trumpet that these were “good kids.” It’s too late then, whether it was true or not.

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