Brentwood: Resident Catches Teenagers Attempting to Break into Vehicle

Photos provided by Amber Kohls

A pair of teenagers were caught on camera attempting to break into a vehicle in the area of Garin Ranch around 2:28 pm on Tuesday.

According to Amber Kohrs, she says she began recording them trying to leave around 2:28 pm and watched them drive to the end of the street where they covered their license plates with napkins before driving passed her as they fled the area.

Brentwood Police were called and are investigating the incident.

Kohrs took to social media asking neighbors for help:

If anyone knows this vehicle please pm me! The passenger was a White male, thin build, reddish hair, white t shirt, tan jeans, with a red bandana wrapped around his left hand. Driver was a white male, brown hair, white t shirt. Both looked to be between 16-19 years old.

They drove into my court really slow, parked directly in front of my driveway, and the passenger got out. He walked up on the driver side of my truck, which is part in my driveway directly in front of my front window, where I was sitting having lunch with my kids. I saw the car come in slow and went outside just as he was looking into the back of my truck. Of course I startled him and asked what he was doing.

He ran off and this is where I started taking a video. They then sped off into my court, which is a dead end, pulled into a front of my neighbors house and got out to cover their license plate with napkins.

Drove back down and out of my street with their faces covered and napkins covering the license plates. Luckily he touched my truck and left finger prints in the dust on it! So the police officer is running them.

But please if anyone knows this vehicle please pm me, the police are happy to take more information!



  1. Dumb and stupider don’t didn’t cover those decals. Oh shit, matter of time

    • They are found in Downtown Brentwood on First street on Friday and Saturday nights especially near the 3-11 bar

  2. Passenger kid looks like my parents neighbor kid. Also covering the plates didn’t do shit, the stickers are pretty noticeable and will get you caught. Glad she got prints I hope these shitheads get their karma.

  3. I hope they catch these creeps. Good job mama… But you need to be careful apprehending these idiots..

  4. These kids are between 18-22yrs old and this vehicle is often seen on Friday and Saturday night driving down First street in Brentwood. They look like a bunch found walking the bar area and especially near the 3-11 bar in Brentwood

  5. did you find the weed in the yard that they threw because they got spooked by the cops the jar broke in the driveway next to your truck

  6. You’re paying hundreds of dollars for printing? With no actual theft? How long will that take?

  7. We’re all sick of thieves, but I understand the above comments. If there was no actual theft, I don’t know if I’d call the police.

    • There may not have been a theft this time, but these kids are not going to stop. Just maybe the police can bring it to the parents attention before they hurt someone, or before they get hurt.

      • Deborah, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. I bet those kids are a reflection of their parents and their parental skills………or lack of. I bet this was not the first time these kids pulled such stunt.

    • So if these punks come and steal your car, would you then wish that she would have called the cops to stop them before they had a chance to actually take your car?

  8. You need to discourage them as you did. It is scary because they know where you live so police involvement seems to be important. If you ask them the police will patrol past your house randomly to be a presence and to discourage these types. So disrespectful. I hope they are sweating bullets right now because they caught red handed…

  9. look assfaces the one in the passenger’s seat was my son it was something totally different from this headline not only did i handle him last night as a father but me and his mom took him to his school and talked to the principal but we also went to b.p.d and had him tell them what really happen also the driver was there and also his two parents who are good parents this was a stupid mistake they made they were not trying to break into shit they were being dumb kids who were trying to get some weed from another dumb kid who got scared and ran off when a cop drove by believe this he had no choice but to tell me the truth or he would not have any teeth left and no they are not the kids driving around egging or breaking shit that was also brought up so all you assholes can s.t.f.u thank you…..oh and the lady who’s house it was did a good job at watching her house and the ones around her but thanks to her lame f.b posting and e.c.t. it made them sound like criminals

    • If you and the other people were GOOD PARENTS, the kids wouldn’t have done such a dumb thing! You start early in their lives to teach them right from wrong. You don’t do that when they are 16 years old! Children are like little animals and have to be given direction.

      We will NOT STFU, buddy! Not EVER! Do you get that yet? You’re damned lucky those kids weren’t anywhere near MY house or the story would have had a very different ending!

      From your choice of words, it’s obvious where you stand in the child-raising category!

    • reading Yard dawg’s filthy diatribe it is not hard to see what kind of parent he is. Pray for the kids.

  10. Punks they probably have stolen property in their possession. Great job calling officials!!!

  11. Soooo, these comments about waste of time to call the police or posting this? So, they have to commit the crime 1st? That’s just as stupid as the dumb kids trying to commit the crime. If I catch these kids near my property, it will be them calling the police for help.

  12. Dear Yard dawg,

    Be cool, stay in school. Learn to write, spell, and use syntax correctly. You write like a fourth-grader. I am picturing your home… and I now understand where your child gets his behavior. Who will visit whom first in prison I wonder– the father or the son?

  13. Some of you people need to think outside of the box. It’s not that the police aren’t worth calling – of course they are. If there wasn’t an actual crime committed, depending on the officer – the police will blow you off. We don’t live in Brentwood – but kudos to the police for not blowing it off. But I guess the homeowner overreacted after all, didn’t she? She did waste the Brentwood PD’s time.

    Police prioritize – and this is hardly a priority. Being cautious is a good thing. Being paranoid is ridiculous. Especially if you have teenagers.

  14. I think that hiding your license plate, and getting weed. ( I’m sure they aren’t meeting a Dr. For script for Mary Jane prescriptuon). Is still suspicious and breaking the law. I’m sure they are being delt with because they’re just dumbass kids, but I have to say if I saw them I would be VERY suspicious and called authoritues especially with all the crime and being woman by myself. So dude lay off. I’m sure she was just scared

  15. I think that hiding your license plate, and getting weed. ( I’m sure they aren’t meeting a Dr. For script for Mary Jane prescriptuon). Is still suspicious and breaking the law. I’m sure they are being delt with because they’re just dumbass kids, but I have to say if I saw them I would be VERY suspicious and called authoritues especially with all the crime and being woman by myself. So dude lay off. I’m sure she was just scared

  16. Yard dawg.. tell your dumbass kids to do that shit on my property and he will end up with some holes.. typical suburban white kids thinking that they can’t be touched. Let those little fuckers be held accountable. Be a better parent and teach your stupid kids

  17. really i work right across the street from macs ol housein antioch behind reliable desil look for the guy on the forklift in the back we can have a conversation about it until then i said what i needed all this social media is just lame…….i here you nick

    • Tell your dumdass kids to try that on my property they will end up with some holes. Stupid suburban white kids thinking they can get away with anything. Thugs should be in jail and throw the key away

    • Hey Yard dawg! What’s “macs ol housin?” A forklift in the back. Wow! That must really hurt! “I here you nick?” Where is Nick? Here?

  18. and lola i was not in his 15 of his seventeen years of his life if and im truly blessed to have him now the father figure he had growing up would have done nothing for him at all like going to the school and then to bpd to clear his name because he is a great kid and gets good grades so do the letters f.o mean anything to you know where to find me

    • So, where were you for 15 or his 17 years? In prison? Oh, this “great” kid is pulling stunts like this one. WOW! What a great kid……. NOT! So, he’s a stoner? How many of his brain cells have already been destroyed by that crap?

  19. like i said all you cowerds know where to find me i bet not a one would show up to see me in person and i know none of you have the heart to oh by the way its not breaking the law walking on someone’s front yard and that persons house is right next to a school where lots of kids are so would you be putting holes in them to i doubt that so all you tough talkers please come see me until then i know i did the right thing and handled it right.

    • Yard dawg …… Anything from where the sidewalk ends is PRIVATE property! That includes the driveway. The only people allowed on MY property are the mail carrier, UPS, FEDEX, the guy who delivers water and anyone I specifically invite to visit. No solicitors nor religious proselytizers are allowed and that’s what I have on a plaque on my front gate! I also have security cameras in areas where I can get an image of anyone who get on the property I don’t recognize as well as cameras which capture a vehicle license plates.

    • On the forklift? What books?? Certainly not English books. You write you’ve said what you wanted to say, yet you keep coming back. You must enjoy being belittled. I find that odd. Also, punctuation is your friend.

  20. I was there in the front of the house and saw everything. I’m trying to keep a low profile these days though….with the way statues are being treated and all. Kind of has me a bit shell shocked. I’m going to ask Travelocity to relocate me.

  21. Really, assfaces? Nice, yard dawg, nice.

    Telling strangers who cast their opinions on kids who are up to no good to “f.o”, “s.t.f.u” and calling them all sorts of names only proves that you yourself have some issues that are sure to be handed down to your child.

    Good job and stay classy.

  22. Like them punks riding around Brentwood last year day before halloween, that one buddy of Najee Harris still rotting in Mtz. Pull a gun on me and you won’t make it to Mtz.

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