Update: Home Invasion Robbery Leads to Double Homicide Investigation


Brentwood, CA – On June 21 at around 11:14pm, Brentwood Police officers responded to the 200 block of Birch Street to investigate a shooting.

When officers arrived on scene they located two adult males suffering gunshot wounds. Both males were pronounced dead at the scene. Nobody else was injured during the shooting.

Brentwood detectives are in the early stages of the investigation and have yet to establish a motive.

According to Brentwood Police Lieutenant Walter O’Grodnick, the preliminary information suggests this was not a random act. The shooter was a resident and was unharmed during the incident. The scene is secured and there is nothing to suggest a threat to public safety.

The decedents have not been identified and no further information is available.

According to the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District, the shooting created a gas leak at a PG&E meter due to being hit by a bullet.

This is the first homicide in Brentwood since March 2012.

Anyone with information related to this shooting is encouraged to call Detective Eric Huesman at (925) 809-7735.

Update Via Brentwood Police

Brentwood Police release additional information saying that both suspects were killed wile attempting an armed home invasion robbery. After being confronted by the armed suspects, the resident/victim retrieved a firearm and fired at the suspects in his own defense. At this point in the investigation, the victim is not being formally charged.

Both suspects were males in their 30’s and were both Antioch residents. Their identities are being withheld pending next of kin notification and the ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information related to this homicide is encouraged to contact Detective Eric Huesman at (925) 809-7735



  1. Do you even know what the word homicide means? A homeowner defending himself against a home invasion is something altogether different.

    • Dan, this was a homicide. Depending on the outcome of the case, this can be ruled a justifiable homicide. There are various forms of homicide.

  2. So was it a home owner taking care of business defending and protecting his or her family?
    If so hurray for the good guys.
    (Ill be surprised if this is posted)

  3. Thanks to the city for making Brentwood one of the fastest growing and and out of control cities in the state.

    Hope it was worth it.

    City Clowncil=Clowns.
    Mayor Bob=Clueless the Clown
    Voters=A sucker born every minute

  4. Good job to the homeowner for protecting himself and his family! Oregon has Castle laws, every state should have them in my opinion.

  5. The article states it’s not random, the title states double homicide. It’s likely a grow house robbery gone bad.

    Anitoch, Richmond, Oakland, riff raff. Whatever, call it what it is… those dam Danish people.

  6. So many people in this world deal with chronic illness, get injured in accidents, and die with no fault of their own. These 2 guys chose to try to objectify someone who was unwilling, and got what they deserve. Mourn those who deserve it, otherwise just keep it moving and disregard death like roadkill.

  7. If we dont stop the criminal socalled law makers in Sacramento from making laws to weaken and disarming law abiding gun owners you wont be seeing the outcome you see on this case. Also criminals being let out of prison when they shouldn’t be are criminal acts by the same socalled law makers. Ca. gun laws only empower criminals and punish innocent citizen’s.

  8. They got what they deserved. Don’t want to be shot on sight – don’t commit home invasion. Justifiable homicide is correct.

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