Brentwood Police Equips Officers With Nasal NARCAN to Reverse Opioid Overdose


In response to the opioid related overdose epidemic spreading across the country, Brentwood police officers are now equipped with a potentially life-saving dosage of a nasal spray known on the market as Narcan (a brand name for Naloxone). Narcan is an “Opioid Antagonist,” which means it displaces opioids from receptors in the brain and can immediately reverse the effects of an overdose.

There are few side effects and no risk of harm to a victim who has overdosed. Nasal Narcan does not require the use of needles, further increasing its safety.

This is a vital medical emergency tool that can be used to reverse the effects of overdoses associated with pain killers, heroin, and a synthetic version of fentanyl, a drug that’s up to 100 times stronger than morphine.

Although Nasal Narcan won’t cure the growing opioid addiction crisis, it may provide someone suffering from addiction a second chance to make a different life choice, ultimately seeking treatment. If someone you know exhibits signs of a drug overdose, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Our agency remains committed to combatting the growing opioid crisis. There’s an added degree of comfort knowing our officers are better equipped to respond to an opioid overdose in our community. Every life is worth living, and when we have an opportunity to potentially save one’s life, we will do so.


  1. Profound congratulations to the police officers and administrators of our competent Brentwood Police Department for their pro-active approach to this horrible problem.

  2. Just remember it can happen to anybody there is no need to judge somebody because they are addicts. It can easily be your sister, brother, mom, dad, gradndfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, my point is it can be any one in your family. And just because you have a prescription to get legally dont think it won’t ever happen to you or your family. Someone in your family will eventually find a pill on the ground think its candy and eat it. And guess what comes in handy “Narcan”. Im a grateful recovering addict. I had to move away from my hometown of Oakley and get the help i desperately needed.
    Congratulations Brentwood hope the poliece officers get to save more lifes. We are all humans and sum of us struggle with life more then others but we dont deserve to die because your an addict.
    God bless

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