Brentwood Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Inappropriately Touches Child in Restaurant


On January 6, the Brentwood Police Department responded to a report of a male who had allegedly inappropriately touched a child inside a restaurant in the City of Brentwood.

According to Walter O’Grodnick, Police Lieutenant, the incident occurred in the 6200 block of Lone Tree Way around 5:30 pm where Armando Guzman Castro, 36, allegedly touched the child while he was a customer at the time but left prior to the officers arriving on scene.

“It was alleged that Castro accosted the Victim and touched the Victim over the Victim’s clothing. Further investigation led to the identity and arrest of Castro at his home in Brentwood,” said O’Grodnick.  “Castro was charged and booked at the Martinez Detention Facility on the listed charges. We are not aware of any additional victims at this time.”

  • 288(A) PC: Lewd or Lasc Acts w/Child Under 14yrs
  • 243.4(A) PC: Sexual Battery (M)
  • 236 PC: False Imprisonment (M)

O’Grodnick also added that the reason behind the false imprisonment charge was that Castro’s positioning momentarily restricted the victims movement when the alleged sexual battery occurred.

No further information was provided.


  1. This man is a brother at my local diocese, on his way to becoming a priest. He may even be a cardinal one day. I believe he was just laying hands on the boy to pray for him. Do not judge this man for only God can do that. He will be saved and be a better man. Amen.

    • Pretty amazing you said he is on his way to becoming a priest seems alot of priests like to touch little boys the catholic church is full of a bunch of pedophiles the lord will deal with this man accordingly

    • Are you serious? On his way to be a priest? 1st, He shouldn’t b laying hands on anybody’s child with out permission. 2nd, praying on/over someone and sexually touching them are completely different actions. AND…if this is a boy his private areas are no where near his head or shoulders where people usually lay hands while praying. Stop making this seem like it’s a simple misunderstanding. If he was praying over you and started rubbing your penis does that make it ok because he said it is in the name of Jesus? Disgusting.

      • My sister, it does not say anything about the man touching the boys penis. And even if he did, that is fine in the Lords eyes as our bodies are not our own, they belong to the Kingdom of God. Have faith in the works of man in carrying out God’s will. Amen.

        • I didn’t say the article said he touched his penis….I gave that as an example for YOU. And apparently you’d think it was ok…in the name of God.
          I don’t know what God you worship but moldering children is NEVER ok. You clearly have some serious deep rooted issues if you think it is ok or that God condones molestation. Please share what church you attend so we can all be forewarned.

          • You’re just feeding the troll Kris. Leonardo sounds a lot like the good Rev Maynard to me. Say something bad about weed….that usually gets him pretty worked up. Lol!

          • Yea Leonardo got it wrong. The Bible clearly states that women are property and it’s ok to have slaves. He needs to get it right.

  2. Hang this sick s.o.b. And Leonard you should be ashamed of yourself you sick phuck hope he gets what’s coming for him

    • Maybe it happened in the men’s bathroom. Maybe his dad was in a stall or waiting for him outside. Maybe he was with his mom, and she wasn’t in the bathroom with him.

  3. @leonardo. You are just as sick as this man. Our bodies are our own and not for strangers to touch in whatever way they please. He did something inappropriate enough for the police to get involved. This is no work of god

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